Adjunct Professor Interview Questions Esl

What is the most valuable piece of feedback you received from a student?

Reveals the candidate’s ability to process feedback and implement changes to their teaching and lesson plans.

How would you go about structuring a syllabus?

Tests knowledge of the field and teaching, as well as planning and organizational skills.

Interviewing for an ESL Teaching Position

Because of the growing diversity of student populations across the nation, English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers are in high demand. When interviewing for ESL teaching positions, it is important to remember to answer each question honestly, and in a confident and positive manner. Reflect upon your experience and education as often as possible, and take your time thinking through your responses. Some questions commonly asked during ESL teacher interviews are listed below:

  • In addition to English, what foreign languages are you fluent in?
  • What are your classroom management techniques for handling groups of students that speak different languages?
  • Have you developed ESL lesson plans before and if so, what criteria do you use?
  • What specific educational and professional training have you acquired for teaching ESL?
  • What qualities are important for an ESL teacher to have?
  • What led you to become an ESL teacher?
  • Do you have any previous ESL teaching experience?
  • Are you capable of integrating technology into your ESL instruction?
  • Are you familiar with the ESL student assessments required in the district?
  • Do you have experience modifying tests for ESL students?
  • How do you ensure successful collaboration between you as an ESL teacher and other instructors working with the same students?
  • What do you do to dissipate misunderstandings that might occur due to cultural differences?
  • What challenges have you faced as an ESL teacher and how did you overcome them?

    In addition to practicing your responses to the questions above, you might also want to jot down some questions for your interviewer. Some relevant topics you can discuss include:

  • What are the ESL student demographics at this school?
  • Do ESL teachers at this school pull students out of class for individual and group work or work with them in their regular classroom?
  • On average, how many students are assigned to each ESL teacher?
  • Is there a standardized curriculum the ESL teachers are expected to follow?
  • Is there a teaching schedule for this position?
  • Is this position assigned to one school or would the person accepting it be involved in several different schools?
  • What professional development opportunities are offered within the district?
  • Once you accept an ESL teaching position, you can refer to the following resources to help establish a curriculum and further develop your teaching strategies. Lessons are self-paced and taught by expert instructors.

  • Go to Online Credential Options for Teachers
  • Go to Common Core Standards by State
  • Go to Classroom Management Resources
  • Go to Curriculum Resources for Teachers
  • Go to Language Arts & Social Studies Educational Resources
  • Go to Math & Science Educational Resources
  • Go to Sample Rubrics for Teachers
  • Go to Lesson Plans for Teachers
  • Go to Praxis Test by State
  • Describe a time a student performed poorly. What steps did you take to help them?

    Tests communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. It also reveals the depth of relationships the candidate builds with their students.

    Adjunct Instructor interview questions

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