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2 What is the difference between Dataset.clone and Dataset.copy?

Dataset.clone object copies structure of the dataset including schemas, relations and constraints. This will not copy data in the table.

Dataset.copy – Copies both structure and data from the table.

What are different layers of ADO.Net?

There are three different layers of ADO.Net:

  • Presentation Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • Database Access Layer
  • 1 What is the use of SqlCommand object?

    SQLCommand object that allows user to interact with the database. This object mainly used to query the database and it can be of different types – Select, Insert, Modify and Delete.

    1 What is the difference between Response.Expires and Reponse.ExpiresAbsolute?

    Response.expires property specify the minutes of page in cache from the time, the request has been served from server.

    But Response.ExpiresAbsolute property provides exact time at which the page in cache expires.

    Example –

    Response.expires – Set to 10 mins and it will stay in cache for 10 mins from time it has been requested

    Response.ExpiresAbsolute – Oct 30 12:20:15. Till this specified time, Page will be in cache.

    4 What are typed and untyped dataset?

    Typed datasets use explicit names and data types for their members but untyped dataset uses table and columns for their members.

    3 What are all the different authentication techniques used to connect to MS SQL Server?

    SQL Server should authenticate before performing any activity in the database. There are two types of authentication:

  • Windows Authentication – Use authentication using Windows domain accounts only.
  • SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode – Authentication provided with the combination of both Windows and SQL Server Authentication.
  • 3 Which keyword is used to accept variable number of parameters?

    Params keyword is used to accept variable number of parameters.

    4 Which is the best method to get two values from the database?

    ExecuteNonQuery is the best method to get two values from the database.

    1 What are all features of ADO.Net?

    Following are the features of ADO.Net:

  • Data Paging
  • Bulk Copy Operation
  • New Data Controls
  • Datareader’s execute methods.
  • 1 What is the difference between ADO and ADO.Net?

    ADO works with the connected data whereas ADO.Net works in a disconnected manner. ADO has main object called Recordset which is used to reference data. But ADO.Net has various objects to access the database.

    ADO allows creating client side cursors whereas ADO.Net deals with both server side and server side cursors. ADO allows persisting records in XML format and ADO.Net allows to manipulate data using XML.

    2 Which provider is used to connect MS Access, Oracle, etc…?

    OLEDB Provider and ODBC Provider are used to connect to MS Access and Oracle. Oracle Data Provider is also used to connect exclusively for oracle database.

    2 What are the differences between OLEDB and SQLClient Providers?

    OLEDB provider is used to access any database and provides flexibility of changing the database at any time. SQLClient provider is used to access only SQL Server database but it provides excellent performance than OLEDB provider while connecting with SQL Server database.

    1 What is the use of connection object?

    ADO.Net Connection object is used to establish a connection between application and the data source. SQL Commands can be executed once this connection has been established. It is mandatory to close the connection object once data base activities are completed.

    2 What is the difference between Command and CommandBuilder object?

    Command is used to execute all kind of queries like DML and DDL. DML is nothing but Insert, Update and Delete. DDL are like Create and drop tables.

    Command Builder object is used to build and execute DDL queries like Create and Drop Tables.

    Dataset & Datareader in ADO.NET | C# and ADO.NET Interview Questions

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