Adobe Campaign Developer Interview Questions

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  • Q1. Questions about sql joins and usecases on them Add Answer
  • Q2. Primary key and foreign key and usecases on it Add Answer
  • Q1. Explaination on the deal or project and few questions on the previous company project Add Answer
  • Q1. Nothing much just a salary negotiation Add Answer
  • adobe campaign developer interview questions

  • Q1. Sightly Implicity objects?? Diff b/n Sling Resource Type And Sling Resource Super Type?? Sling Models?? Diff between Sling models and wcm use pojos?? Customread more Add Answer
  • What is the most important purpose of the Evar?

    The most primary purpose of the Evar is to view the conversion events with context to the data dimension.

    1 Explain the best ways which can be used to de-duplicate the SiteCatalyst metrics?

    The best way for de-duplicating the SiteCatalyst metrics is serialization.

    1 Name the value which is not possible within the referrer report types?

    Mobile apps are the values that are not possible when it is in the report of the referrer types.

    What can be the maximum size of the Site section channel or

    The maximum possible size of a site section channel that is approved is 100 bytes.

    1 Define the ‘saint’ acronym, and explain what it stands for?

    The ‘saint’ acronym stands for the Site Catalyst Attribute Importing and Naming Tool.

    How can be an S-Account used?

    A s_account can be used while setting a report suite.

    2 Give a definition of list prob?

    List prob is a variable through which multiple values can be passed within a delimited list so that each of the value gets it individual credit for the page view.

    2 What is the difference between Allocation and participation?

    While allocation assigns partial credit, on the other hand, the participation assigns the full credits.

    1 What are the SiteCatalyst features that will allow to visually showing the website performances and also tracks the progress?

    The target features will allow you to show the website performance visually and also track the progress that is set against the goals.

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    2 Reveal the myths that surround Classification?

    One of the most famous myths that surround the classifications is that it can be pragmatic to out-of-the-box reports.

    2 Differentiate between the Merchandise variables for the product and conversion syntax?

    While there is a set of product syntax on the s.products variables, but in the case of conversion syntax, there is no such syntax.

    2 Define the precise syntax which can be used for capturing the event that is called booked flight in Event1?

    The precise syntax which can be used for capturing the booked flight event is s.event=”event1”.

    1 Name the different varieties of Custom eVars that are available in every particular SiteCatalyst of the report suite?

    There are over 75 varieties of custom eVars available in each of the SiteCatalyst report suites.

    Define the path used for sharing the early created bookmarks with some other users?

    To share the early created bookmarks with other users, you need to go-to favorites, and then bookmarks and then manage bookmarks. This is the path that will allow you to share the bookmark with other users.

    In a conversion variable, which setting is not allowed for allocation?

    In a conversion variable, the decaying settings can’t be used for the conversion of the variables.

    When can two data ranges be compared by using a Single report within the Ranked view?

    Two data ranges can be compared by clicking on the compare dates that are within the compare dates of the module of the calendar.

    Adobe Campaign Interview

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