Adobe Design Interview Questions

“Tell me about your process and how you solve problems?”

Patti mentions that “The most important thing a hiring manager wants to know is your process, how you solve problems. You can use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) structure to tell a story about your process and approach.” Mackenzie agrees. “I can think back to a story about what I want to show, whether that’s collaboration, solving a problem, conflict management, and then use the STAR structure to tell that story.”

adobe design interview questions

Whiteboard challenges are a way for UX interviewers to understand your problem solving and thought process.

“Do you have any questions for me?”

The last basic question to make sure you are prepared for is when the interviewer asks whether you have any questions for them. It helps to look at interviews as a two way street. As much as you are being interviewed, you are also interviewing the company and assessing the role and fit. Having questions about the team, organization, projects and ways of working shows your interest and thoughtfulness to the interviewer.

Given an NxN grid of characters and a dictionary, find all words which can be made from the characters in the grid and are present in the given dictionary. A word can start and end at any character in the grid. The next character must be adjacent to the previous character in any of the directions i.e. up, down, left, right and diagonal. The character at each position in the grid can be used only once while making a word.

Given a Binary Tree, figure out whether its a Binary Search Tree. In a binary search tree, each nodes key value is smaller than the key value of all nodes in the right subtree, and are greater than the key values of all nodes in the left subtree i.e. L < N < R.

9) Explain how can you create an index in InDesign?To create an index in InDesign test, you have to follow the below steps

  • Go to window -> Type & Tables -> Index and choose select reference
  • It will open a window “New Page Reference”, where you can enter the top level topics, you can highlight the word using the type tool you wish to add as an entry and choose “Create a new index entry”
  • When dialog box appears, tap on OK and continue adding all other topics as required
  • Once all topics are added each entry or topics will have an index marker
  • You can also add references to each topic from the reference dialog box, and you can click up and down arrow to set their position
  • Unusual characters, words or numbers can be removed by using Sort By panel by omitting or re-typing the problem word.
  • Continue the process until all the entries are added to the index
  • Once this done, you can click on Generate Index, this will generate an index to your layout
  • 4) Explain how you can change the image display to a low resolution or a high resolution?To show an image to a high resolution or a low resolution, you have to change the display setting documents to, InDesign

  • By typing the text
  • Pasting or placing text from a word processing document
  • By drag and drop, if word processing application supports it
  • When you add text or paste text, you do not have to make a text frame first, InDesign creates it automatically.

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