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Are you looking for Adobe Analytics interview questions? Then you have come to the right place! Here we have gathered a bundle of Adobe Analytics interview questions suitable for freshers and experienced candidates. Practicing these questions would build confidence in you and make you ready to face any complex interview. Let’s get into the Adobe analytics interview questions and answers part. Having expertise in Adobe Systems will place you in a good career. Adobe Analytics is a solution that drives companies to understand their customers in what they want, believe, and need. It provides marketing analytics and reporting tools that allow getting a real-time understanding of business. Below Adobe Analytics job interview questions and answers page for a quick win in the job hunt.

10. Which Sitecatalyst Features Allows You To Visually Show Website Performance And Track Progress Against Set Goals?

24. What type of SiteCatalyst Variable/report Would You Use if You Want to See Pathing Behavior?

31. Are you aware of the SiteCatalyst feature that visually shows a website’s performance while tracking its progress against a predefined set of goals?

32. Any idea about the setting “expire After” with respect to eVars (conversion variables. that are newly enabled?

Are you aware of the maximum size of Site Sections ( variable?

The maximum size is 100 bytes.

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Why is Adobe Dynamic Tag Management free? Is this an attempt to lock companies in?

Charging for tag management would be like a word processing vendor charging extra for spellcheck. It just does not make any sense to do that. This is a “feature” that should be included with your current investment in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe makes some of the most sophisticated and complex digital intelligence solutions in the market and sometimes they can be challenging to implement and maintain. We need to stop talking about how hard it is to implement any sort of analytics, and start having conversations about activating solutions from ANY vendor.

Is DTM only for medium to small businesses? We have been told that most Enterprise clients are using other legacy TMS vendors.

There were many people that bought Beta Max machines before DVDs came out too. DTM has over 1,400 companies using the solution across thousands and thousands of sites, including a large percentage of enterprise class solutions. Before the acquisition of Satellite (aka Dynamic Tag Manager), when it was a paid solution in excess of $100k a year, Satellite never lost a head-to-head POC with any vendor .

How will you compare date ranges?

With the help of “Compare Dates” found in the calendar module.

How to implement video metrics in Tags?

It depends on your video player. All modern player have a client-side JS API that you can hook into to listen for events like play/complete/etc – you’ll simply deploy your code via Tags. There might also be some HTML5 video helpers, but I haven’t used those personally.

What kind of report or SiteCatalyst variable is used to view Pathing Behavior?

We will have to use sProps (traffic variables).

Adobe Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What is Adobe Analytics?

This tool is a company’s right hand man as it offers businesses a new way of analyzing data collected. All data pulled from marketing sources can be used in reports and charts giving an inside and detailed look. Adobe Analytics gives companies real solutions to improve production and lead them in the right direction to drive success and meet conversion objectives.

Q. What Is The Best Way To De-duplicate Sitecatalyst Metrics?

Ans: Serialization is the best way to de-duplicate SiteCatalyst metrics.

Q. Where Can You Go To Share A Previously Created Bookmark With Other Users?

Ans: Favorites > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks.

Q. What is the max size of the (site sections) variable?

Ans: 100 bytes

Q. What is maximum number of report suites that a company can use?

Ans: No limit.

Q. How to use s_account?

Ans: s_account is use when setting the report suite.

Q. Which Is Not An Allowed Allocation Setting For Conversion Variables?


Decaying is not an allowed allocation setting for conversion variables.

Q. How Will Commas In My Product Name Interfere With My Data?

Ans :

They cause everything after the comma to be treated as a separate category/product/units/revenue entry in s.products.

Q. What Does The Acronym ‘saint’ Stand For?

Ans:SiteCatalyst Attribute Importing and Naming Tool.

Q. Which Sitecatalyst Features Allows You To Visually Show Website Performance And Track Progress Against Set Goals?

Ans :Targets features allows you to visually show website performance and track progress against set goals.

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