Adobe Flex 4 Interview Questions

This is a focus issue with Flash Player; usually when the UI changes “underneath” the mouse pointer, as in a ViewStack navigation where the buttons are in the same screen location.

var TxtF:TextField = new TextField(); var BtnMc:TextField = new TextField(); var MyFile:FileReference = new FileReference(); TxtF.border = true; TxtF.type = TextFieldType.INPUT; BtnMc.background = true; BtnMc.backgroundColor = 0xCCCCCC; BtnMc.x = 150; BtnMc.height = 20; BtnMc.text = ” Click here to save”;

Sprite does not have timeline in it But Movie Clips can have. Sprite is the parent class of MovieClip though not all of the MovieClip properties are available in the parent class.

You use the State class in the states property of Flex components. You can only specify a states property at the root of an application or a custom control, not on child controls.

To achieve this you have to use flash CS4 with Flash Player 10 or above. Using the new method of filereference class you can save you typed text on your computer as a text file.

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adobe flex 4 interview questions

Exclude (or Exclude Class) tag helps to control the set of choices, available in Flex Builder. But it never excludes the classes from linking. There is an MXML option that depends on how the application is been compiled. Generally, the classes that are included are those that are referenced from the root application or classes, either directly or via some other class that is referenced directly or not from the root application or classes.

In order to cancel the default behavior of the event, few classified ways of the event class can be used in event listener functions in order to affect the behavior. In this few events are associated with default behavior. Therefore in cases, the same event listener can cancel the behavior by using the prevent Default method. Prevent Default method will work only if the Cancellable property is true else it will not.

While preparing for the interview candidates should focus to understand the concept and application to their best. It is important to grasp the architecture, principles, techniques, and the framework including the term ology associated with flex. We focus to make you comfortable by providing the necessary terminology and questions. After being familiar with these questions, you will surely be able to handle the questions asked in the interview. Not just this but knowing these questions will also increase your confidence level. Here, we are sharing 10 interview questions of FLEX, which are generally asked.

Tools in Adobe Framework

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Rules before you start your quiz. Correct answer shows as ‘GREEN‘ and wrong answer shows as “RED” 1). What is Adobe Flex?Adobe Flex is an application development platform that you can use to build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). This is not correct. RIA is rich internet applications 2). What are other technologies equal to Flex?Flash, AJAX, and Silverlight Java Script The Flash, Ajax and Silverlight all are the same 3). Flex is on the forefront of technology that allows you to create such engaging Web-based applications.TrueFalse Yes, it is most popular XML kind of it. 4). Flex is combination of different technologies: **(01)Languages: ActionScript 3 and MXML **(02)Component framework: Flex SDK ** (03)Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Flex Builder **(04)Cross-browser runtime: Flash PlayerTrueFalse Yes, it is combination of different technologies 5). What is AIRAdobe developed Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)FalseAIR has capability to run your web applications on your desktop 6). Flex applications you can write in MXML and Action Script codeTrueFalse Yes with these you can write an application. 7). Where you will develop application in Flex?Flex BuilderFalse This is the place you can develop application. 8). What is Design Mode in Flex?How it appears after running application you can see.False This is the place you can check your application before it runs. 9). MXML is a tag-based declarative markup language that you use to compose Flex applicationsTrueFalse 10). What is Action Script3?ActionScript 3 is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language, which means, in general terms, that the fundamental structural unit of your application is an objectFalse


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