Adobe Forms Sap Interview Questions

2 Clarify the distinction between pool tables and straightforward tables.

  • Straightforward tables: It has a balanced connection with the slab in the file. Its structure relates to a single file field.
  • Pooled slabs: It has numerous to one connection with the slab in the databank. Shared schedules are put away at the databank level.
  • Essential List: For straightforward reports
  • Measurements: For Fraction, Average and so on.
  • Positioned List: For diagnostic reports
  • 1 What is the contrast between the capacity module and the outside subroutine?

    Table work territories are not joined between the capacity module and vocation program while subroutine utilizes divided same work zone. We can leave a volume module using Elevation statement, whereas checkered, exit, or stops are used to issue a subroutine. The capacity module has an excellent interface to characterize strictures, whereas subroutine doesnt have.

    SAP Adobe Forms Interview Questions And Answers

  • What is Adobe form?
  • What are components of SAP Script?
  • What are components of Layout Set?
  • What is SAP Smart Forms?
  • What is interactive form?
  • How to display a logo dynamically in the Adobe Forms?
  • What needs to be done to convert the static text in the form layout to a different language?
  • What Is Lock Object?
  • What Are The Types Of Subroutines?
  • How to create a form object?
  • 2 What is an ABAP information wordreference?

    To depict the legal structures of the things used within the utilization improvement ABAP 4 information lexicon is used. It is additionally utilized to explain the primary social database in the form of tables.

    Separate between Page1 and Page2 arrange.

    Page1 organize: In this, all pages have a similar configuration.

    Page2 organize: In this, there is variety in page arrange, i.e., to begin with, the page has an unexpected arrangement in comparison to the second page.

    What is Batch Data Communications or BDC programming?

    It is a programming strategy to exchange extensive or outdoor information into SAP outline. Line document is the focal segment of the conversation, which becomes the information through group input projects and assemblies that are connected to sessions.

    1 Are SAP Scripts customers needy or free?

  • Standard contents are customer free
  • Client characterized substances are customer subordinate.
  • 1 What are parts of SAP Script?

    Design Set, Form, Print Program, Function Modules.

    3 Rundown down the functional modules utilized as a part of an arrangement in BDC.

    There are three practical units that are exploited as a share of an arrangement to perform info exchange efficiently using BDC programming. Here they are:

    Name a portion of the control charges.

    A portion of the control charges are:

  • Bottom…And bottom.
  • Top… … End top.
  • Address… End address.
  • Secure….And protect.
  • On the off chance that… … Endif.
  • Case….Endcase.
  • New-Page.
  • New-Window.
  • 2 Define a setting in WebDynpro ABAP.

    The setting is an impermanent place that stores information as hubs and properties.

    Q3. How to convert the text module used in the adobe form to a different language and display it?

    Ans. Suppose you want to display a particular text module in case if language you pass is EN in the input parameter. For this follow the steps below

    Ans. Create a text module (eg: lets say we create Z_TEST_DEMO) in the SMARTFORMS transaction (in EN transaction). Create a Text (eg: lets say we create T1) in the adobe form (SFP transaction) and assign the created text module TM1 (in smartforms transaction) to the text (in form using SFP transaction).

    3. Then under Object Type selection window, select B5 SAPScript: Forms and Styles and double click on SSF Smart Form

    After uploading the logo we will have to create an interface and we will define two global variables there. Let’s say V1 type XSTRING and V2 type STRING (default value ‘’bmp’). In Code initialization section we will have to write a simple query to fetch the logo from the table above by providing the log name. Then we will have to call a method cl_ssf_xsf_utilities=>get_bds_graphic_as_bmp and pass on tdobject, tdname, tdid and tdbyte fetched from the query. This method is going to return a XSTRING type variable which we will move to the global variable V1 defined already.

    SAP Adobe Forms Quick overview

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