Adobe Internship Interview Questions

He had my resume in hand and asked me to discuss my project which was in C++ and based on optical networks. 25 minutes were spent and I explained it in detail. He asked many questions regarding the objectives and implementation. I mentioned to him that we haven’t studied the subject Networks yet when he asked a specific question on it. He said he was impressed with the clarity of my description. Next, I shared my screen and had to write the code.

I have to thank GeeksforGeeks which I used wholeheartedly in my preparation, especially the experiences section and the company-wise and topic-wise sections!

I wrote both the naive and optimized versions and explained the approaches. He was happy as they passed the test cases he had in mind without requiring changes.

They had mentioned that the score for the coding question would be based on the number of test cases passed. Out of around 90+ students, 7 were shortlisted for the interview round.

I answered this too. He then asked where I see myself 10 years down the line, and what my hobbies are. He mentioned again that he liked my project. This interview lasted one hour. The next night, the results were out, and I was 1 of the 3 candidates selected for the 2020 Summer Internship.

Whether or not you are involved in a creative career, you may have used Adobe software previously. Have you ever downloaded or generated a PDF document? In the 1990s, Adobe created the PDF file format. Adobes flagship product, Photoshop, has become a verb, similar to Google, with a mission to promote creativity for all. Aside from creating design and creativity software that is utilized by graphic designers, filmmakers, publishers, and students all around the world, Adobe is a great place to work.

The corporation employs more than 22,000 people in 70 offices across 26 countries. Adobe recruits nine levels of software developers, including level I, with an average income of $143,664. Adobe also has a university program for current students, and each year it hires over 1,000 interns and new graduates.

The San Jose-based firm was named one of the ‘Best Workplaces for Millennials 2020 by Fortune Magazine, and it was ranked #2 in the Worlds Most Admired Companies in Software. After the company hit a revenue record despite the epidemic, CEO Shantanu Narayen, who has a 98 percent approval rating on Glassdoor, revealed plans for a hiring drive in Q4 2020. Aside from high employee happiness, Adobe provides a variety of benefits, including onsite yoga and cafes, paid family holidays, and professional development services like LinkedIn Learning and Harvard ManageMentor on demand.

Given an NxN grid of characters and a dictionary, find all words which can be made from the characters in the grid and are present in the given dictionary. A word can start and end at any character in the grid. The next character must be adjacent to the previous character in any of the directions i.e. up, down, left, right and diagonal. The character at each position in the grid can be used only once while making a word.

Given a Binary Tree, figure out whether its a Binary Search Tree. In a binary search tree, each nodes key value is smaller than the key value of all nodes in the right subtree, and are greater than the key values of all nodes in the left subtree i.e. L < N < R.

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