Adobe Neolane Interview Questions

2 Detail the unrequired tool which is no need for capturing the paid search keywords?

Adobe Client Care needs to enable the paid search keywords reports for capturing the paid search keywords.

2 Define what is a Page type variable and its purpose?

A page type variable is a basic program that captures the URLs which results in a 404 Error page.

2 What is the difference between Allocation and participation?

While allocation assigns partial credit, on the other hand, the participation assigns the full credits.

2 Reveal the myths that surround Classification?

One of the most famous myths that surround the classifications is that it can be pragmatic to out-of-the-box reports.

Explain the best method for adding the Meta-data to the SiteCatalyst variables?

The best way for adding the Metadata to the SiteCatalyst is by classifying the data before adding them to the SiteCatalyst variables.

What can be the maximum size of the Site section channel or

The maximum possible size of a site section channel that is approved is 100 bytes.

2 Explain the procedure used for checking the user profile whether it is qualified for the Audience Manager Traitor not?

  • The Visitor Profile Viewer utilizes the AAM UUID and as a matter, of course, takes a gander at the Demodex treat on the program where you are getting to the AAM UI.
  • You can review your system movement on another program and reorder the Demodex ID into the UUID field in the Visitor Profile Viewer and revive it.
  • This is valuable when you need to test diverse client profiles with various internet perusing practices.
  • Another approach to see fragment capabilities is to outline a portion to a treatment goal and analyze the “stuff” protest that is a piece of the reaction to the occasion call for customer-side execution or the investigation call for server-side usage.

    What is the most important purpose of the Evar?

    The most primary purpose of the Evar is to view the conversion events with context to the data dimension.

    What will happen in case the S-account is left empty, undeclared, or has some unanticipated value?

    In case the S-account is left empty, or it is undeclared or has some unexpected value, there will be no data collected.

    1 Where should be the s.object id variable be set for improving the click map tracking?

    For improving the click map tracking, the variable must be set at the onClick event handler of the link.

    1 How can your data get interfered with the commas in the name of the product?

    When there is a comma in the product name, it will start to categorize all the products, revenue, and everything else into different sections which are inputted into the s.products.

    When can two data ranges be compared by using a Single report within the Ranked view?

    Two data ranges can be compared by clicking on the compare dates that are within the compare dates of the module of the calendar.

    1 Explain the kind of SiteCatalyst variable/report that you will use in case you want to view the pathing behavior?

    If you want to see the pathing behavior, you can use the traffic variable SiteCatalyst for viewing the path behavior.

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    Adobe Campaign Interview

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