Adobe System Design Interview Questions

Technical Assessment

If you clear the phone screen, you’ll be sent a link to an online technical assessment, consisting of approximately 65 questions divided into two sections:

  • Aptitude and Logic (45 questions, 45 minutes): To test your quantitative and logic-based reasoning skills.Â
  • Technical and Coding (15-20 questions, 75-120 mins): To test your data structures, algorithms, and bit manipulation skills. You can take the test in any language, but C, C++, and Java are Adobe’s preferred languages.Â
  • Adobe Online Coding InterviewÂ

    Adobe uses coding sites such as ‘HackerRank’ and ‘CodinGame’ to conduct online coding exams. Candidates must showcase their programming capabilities by obtaining the desired results.

    Adobe Tech Interview TopicsÂ

    Technical questions at Adobe interviews are based mainly on data structures and algorithms.

    Data Structures: You can expect questions from the below data structures topics:

    Algorithms: You can expect questions on the following algorithm topics:

    Tech Phone Screen With a Recruiting Manager

    Next, you’ll have a discussion with a recruiting manager. Your resume will be discussed in detail, and you’ll be evaluated for problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, and culture fit.

    HR Interview

    During this round, you’ll be evaluated on your core values and your work dynamics through behavioral and situational questions.Â

    “Tell me about yourself?” “How did you get into design?”  “Why do you want to work in UX design?” “Can you share some experiences you think are examples of good design?”

    Both Patti and Mackenzie mentioned that overall you can expect pretty generic questions. “Most of the time, I ask pretty straightforward questions in an interview, I keep things pretty standard,” shares Patti. This aligns with Mackenzie’s experience: “To be honest, the questions that I get are pretty standard, and the questions repeat all the time.” These questions help the interviewer to get to know you and understand your perspectives on design.

    One word of caution – Patti highlights that there are certain questions that cannot legally be asked in an interview, due to a country or state’s laws. These can include questions like whether you have kids or whether you have ever filed for bankruptcy, or your disability status. These laws are intended to protect against discrimination. “It’s definitely useful to know what your rights are, and to know that you don’t have to disclose that information in the case you did get asked.”

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    Adobe software, such as Adobe PDF or Photoshop, are widely used across the globe. Adobe creates software for designers, filmmakers, and students all over the world. The company is popular among software developers for its collaborative and supportive culture — it believes in diversity and inclusion at all levels.Â

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    Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • The Tech Interview Process at Adobe
  • Adobe Tech Interview Topics
  • Adobe Tech Interview Questions
  • Adobe Tech Interview FAQs
  • 5 Tips for System Design Interviews

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