Adobe Tam Interview Questions

Decision Stage

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, the hiring team will debrief and make a final decision. If you’re selected for the role, the recruiter will reach out with a verbal offer. If you’ve not been selected for the role, our recruiter will contact you to provide thoughtful feedback so you’re prepared for your next interview.

Introductory phone interview

If your experiences are a match for what we’re looking for, someone from our Talent team will set up time to learn more about you and answer any questions you may have about the role, the team, or Adobe in general. This is also an opportunity to ask the recruiter what to expect for the remainder of the hiring process. Depending on the outcome of the meeting, the recruiter may schedule a conversation with the Hiring Manager. If not, don’t be discouraged, apply for another role. We have hundreds of positions available.

Have you developed and implemented strategies to increase sales and the client base?

Look for candidates who demonstrate creative thinking and sales abilities. Be aware of candidates with little to no sales experience.

Why our company? Why not one of the other tech giants, our competitors?

It is important to find something that resonates with you, to come up with a specific reason. Because good technical account managers are a great asset for each business, and the last thing they want to experience is seeing you go after six months in the job, just because Amazon, or some other big company, made you a better offer.

A few things you can refer to while trying to explain your choice:

  • Company culture and working environment.
  • Size of the business or team (your preference to work in a small team, for example).
  • Recommendation you got from an existing employee.
  • The model of work which fits you (working remotely, from home, in the office, etc).
  • Your loyalty to the company (you are already a customer, you use their products, see the benefits, it will be easier for you to sell them).
  • Their unique selling proposition, something that distinguishes the company from their competitors (can be the price, product features, innovation, sales process, level of customer service, anything).
  • Logistics reasons, such a proximity of their offices, fitting working hours, etc.
  • They should get a feeling that they are your first choice, or at least your best choice when it comes to places where you can realistically get a job at this stage of your professional career.

    adobe tam interview questions

    Phone screen with recruiter (30 minutes)

    The typical phone screen is designed to acquaint the candidate with the company and the open role and gauge their interest. The recruiter will ask questions about your prior experience as well as your domain knowledge.

    How long does it take to get hired?At any large tech company, an employee referral helps you get in the door. Be sure to reach out to your network if you’re struggling to find an opportunity at Adobe.

    The hiring process is fairly quick; just 17 percent of respondents on Indeed report it taking longer than one month. However, be prepared for an intensive, fast-moving interview experience (although things may move more slowly if you’re interviewing towards the end of a fiscal year).

    How would you describe a technical issue to a customer who lacks technical knowledge?

    Ensure the interviewers that you are ready to adjust your language, and explain the technical things in a language of common people, simply in a way everyone can understand.

    You may refer to demonstration, practical examples, or leading them step by step through the installation/troubleshooting process, always ensuring that they understand each step, and can move forward.

    Creating video tutorials and how to guides is another way of helping customers to understand how to work with the product.

    At the end of the day, however, the most important thing is to help them understand how they will benefit from the technical specifications of the product, in terms of their revenues, expenses, etc. That’s what matters for decision makers. Technical details are of secondary importance… As long as you can explain it to them, you’ll achieve great results in your job.


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