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“Theyd inform you of my habit of going above and beyond, and that I view the basics of my job as putting my all in, doing my best to anticipate the needs of my superiors, and doing everything I can to make their job easier. Basically, Im always managing up in the best definition of what that means. With that, as far as my flaws, theyd tell you Im eager to learn from my mistakes and grow and take responsibility for my actions to the extreme. So my supervisor would say Im the only person wholl ever throw me under the bus, and that I am honest to a fault.”

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Every job has work that an employee will find challenging. You want to know how candidates will handle the challenging work to ensure it gets done. For example, some employees may engage their time management skills and tackle difficult work in the beginning of the day when they have more energy and fewer distractions.

Conflicts are bound to pop up from time to time. A candidates answer to this question can reveal how they would likely handle similar situations working for you and whether they can work as a team player. Look for whether their responses align or conflict with your companys culture and/or practices.

A candidates answers can reveal their priorities and indicate how much they thought about the job, its challenges, and your company. Their answer can also show you what is important to them. For example, if the candidate says their first priority will be to meet with their colleagues to learn about what they do and their pain points, this could be an indicator that they value strong working relationships.

A candidates questions can show whether they researched your company, industry, and job. Look for questions that demonstrate that the candidate put thought into the job, what your company needs, and whether having the candidate in this particular role would be a good fit for both parties. During the pandemic, you may receive questions about the steps you are taking to protect employees from COVID-19, so be prepared to answer those questions along with other job-related and company-related questions.

Ideally, business process improvement should be part of every job, from those in entry level positions up to the top executive. The answer to this question can help you determine whether the candidate sees their role as instrumental to the larger organization and whether the candidate has been proactive and successful addressing inefficiency in their past positions.

Interview with a Client Support Associate – Part 1 (Ask A Professional)

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