Adp India Pvt Ltd Interview Questions

Member Technical Interview Questions

Aptitude , Logical and Thinking Questions

  • Q1. Basic Questions On Your Preferred Programing Language And Ask To Doa Program For some Basic Questions Also Like Print Prime Numbers , Leap year Like this. Add Answer
  • Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Interview Preparation

  • Q1. Tell me about ur project on microcontroller(8051)…i.e the topic i have written for industrial training…he asked what i did in IT and asked to write a coread more View Answers (1)
  • Q2. What is the difference between LUMPED and DISTRIBUTED networks?I said im not good at EMF.he also asked me about HIGH FREQUENCY transmission line…i tried read more Add Answer
  • Q3. He gave me a C program…said theres a file in which i have blank lines…try to delete them and print the file…i said him how to do and he was convincedread more Add Answer
  • Q4. Binary search tree- pseudo code Add Answer
  • Q5. How do u search a word in a dictionary….extension of binary search tree(sorted list)….. these were the questions asked….it lasted for about 25 min andread more Add Answer
  • Q6. Difference between function overloading and overriding Add Answer
  • Q7. Difference between delete and free Add Answer
  • Q8. How to do u find a given list is a circular or linear Add Answer
  • 7interviewsfound Sort by:

    In adp first round is aptitude (15),analytical (25) and technical questions (20)

  • Q1. Self introduction ,about our projects which written in resume and they asked technologies which we have used in projects and technical questions about technread more Add Answer
  • Q1. 3rd it is a senior technical round,they ask me about some Java questions and questions about my favourite subject Add Answer
  • ADP India visited our camps for member technical profile.There were 4 rounds in total and each of them was elimination round.

    technical(basic data structure,DBMS and C output questions)- 20 questions – 40 min – 2 marks each.

    Started with the project discussion around 20 of my project was on machine learning so he asked to explain the algorithm also.

    Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. Skillset based questions and work experience Add Answer
  • Q2. Confidence to take any challenge Add Answer
  • Q1. Confidence to take any challenge Add Answer
  • Q1. Salary expectation and company policy Add Answer
  • Q1. Salary discussion and other benefits Add Answer
  • Ideally, business process improvement should be part of every job, from those in entry level positions up to the top executive. The answer to this question can help you determine whether the candidate sees their role as instrumental to the larger organization and whether the candidate has been proactive and successful addressing inefficiency in their past positions.

    Conflicts are bound to pop up from time to time. A candidates answer to this question can reveal how they would likely handle similar situations working for you and whether they can work as a team player. Look for whether their responses align or conflict with your companys culture and/or practices.

    A candidates answer can show you a lot about what they value, what motivates them, and what type of rewards they prefer. For example, their answer may indicate they value overcoming challenges and collaborating with others to solve problems, or that they thrive on intrinsic rewards (such as a sense of achievement) or extrinsic rewards (such as a bonus).

    Every job has work that an employee will find challenging. You want to know how candidates will handle the challenging work to ensure it gets done. For example, some employees may engage their time management skills and tackle difficult work in the beginning of the day when they have more energy and fewer distractions.

    A candidates questions can show whether they researched your company, industry, and job. Look for questions that demonstrate that the candidate put thought into the job, what your company needs, and whether having the candidate in this particular role would be a good fit for both parties. During the pandemic, you may receive questions about the steps you are taking to protect employees from COVID-19, so be prepared to answer those questions along with other job-related and company-related questions.

    ADP Technical Member Interview | First Round | ADP Interview Questions and Answers

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