Adp Interview Questions For Qtp

80) In QTP explain what is crypt object

Crypt object in QTP is used to encrypt a strings.


Example :

In this example, value in pwd variable is encrypted using the Crypt. Encrypt method.

Then this encrypted value is entered into editbox.

69) How to find the total number of rows in the webtable in UFT?

There are three ways which we can find the count of rows in the table in UFT

a) Using rowcount property of UFT webtable object

c) Using HTML DOM + UFT

100) In QTP how you can use Xpath to identify objects?

Xpath can be used to identify only web objects. We can use the following code to identify objects.

Here you can get 3 Questions bonus:

23) How to make QTP understand the difference amongst the same type of objects .Suppose there are 5 check boxes in a page and I have to choose the 2nd one, how to do that through script?

You can use ordinal identifiers like index along with a little descriptive programming for object recognition.

Watch a video of this example.

67) What is the difference between “Array” and “Dictionary”?

Array Dictionary
Dynamic array is possible There is no concept of dynamic dictionary
Size of array must be set before the use of array The size of dictionary do not need to be set
We have to use redim statement before adding extra element into dynamic array To add extra element there is no need to write any statement. We just use add method
There is no particular method to release the memory if particular element is not required Element which is not required any longer can be removed from the dictionary

48) What is the Action Conversion Tool?

It is an in-built tool provided by QTP to convert Actions into Business Process Components.

10) How to perform Cross platform testing and Cross browser testing using QTP? Can u explain giving some example?

You will need to create separate Actions which take care of different OS and Browsers

Cross Platform Testing:

Using the Built in Environment Variable you can dig up the OS information.

Eg. Platform = Environment(“OS”). Then based on the Platform you need to call the actions which you recorded on that particular platform.

Cross Browser Testing:

Using this code Eg. Browser(“Core Values”).GetROProperty(“version”) you can extract the Browser and its correspondin version. Ex: Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 5. Based on this value you call the actions which are relevant to that browser.

89) In QTP how you can exit for loop?

You must use “Exit For” statement to exit “for loop” in QTP. “Exit For” statement will get the control out of the “for loop”

63) What are the types of Automation Framework in UFT?

In order to ease the process of test automation using UFT, test automation is designed. There are mainly three types of automation frameworks in UFT

  • Keyword Driven Framework: It is used when multiple functionality needs to be tested.
  • Data Driven Framework: It is used to test same flow with different test data, test data is given more importance than multiple functionality of application
  • Hybrid Framework: It is a combination of data driven framework and keyword.
  • 75) What are the ways you can handle run time errors?

    There are various ways to handle run time errors

    6) Explain how QTP identifies object?

    QTP identifies any GUI Object based on its corresponding properties. While recording, QTP will identify and store peculiar properties (as defined in the Object Identification settings) in the object repository of the GUI object . At run-time, QTP will compare the stored property values with the on-screen properties, to uniquely identify the GUI object.

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