Advanced Mvc Interview Questions

5) What is the difference between adding routes to a webform application and an MVC application?

To add routes to a webform application, we use MapPageRoute() method of the RouteCollection class, while for adding routes to an MVC application, we use MapRoute() method.

advanced mvc interview questions

51) Write code to demonstrate the use of input elements.

Here is a code example using AngulaJS input elements:

MVC Interview Questions and Answers for 8 Years’ Experienced Developers

If you are preparing for senior positions, you must practice the following MVC interview questions on scaffolding, error handling, and other vital topics.

Q How is ActionResult different from ViewResult?

The following table enumerates the differences between ActionResult and ViewResult:



It is an abstract class, i.e., it has methods and variables without the implementation body of instruction.

It is derived from an abstract class.Â

It is best if you want to derive different types of views dynamically.

It is not so effective if you wish to derive different types of views dynamically.

It has several derived classes like JsonResult, ViewResult, and FileStreamResult.Â

It does not have its own derived class.

Bonus Interview Tips

Step one is studying these MVC interview questions regularly for a few weeks leading to the interview. Here are some bonus tips to get the most out of these questions:

Practice in the mirror: You might not be aware of your tendency to avoid eye contact or ramble during an interview. Answer questions in the mirror and watch your eye movements and facial expressions. This will help you build awareness and feel more confident.

Research harder questions: Do any of these answers feel forced or unnatural when you recite them? You might not understand the concepts fully. Conduct more research, take a tutorial, or even consider a course to tackle trickier questions.

Keep a pen and paper handy: Many coding interviews are conducted via video conferencing or phone. You might benefit from keeping some notes as the interviewer speaks or making quick calculations before you answer a question.

Know the company: Weave in company details into your answers where possible. Your interviewer will want to know you’re passionate and enthusiastic about their brand and goals.

Q What are the different stages of a page life cycle of MVC?

The major steps that define the page life cycle are as follows:

  • App initialization
  • Routing
  • Instantiate and execute controller
  • Locate and invoke controller action
  • Instantiate and render view
  • Spring MVC is one of the most important topics for MVC interview questions, and the interviewer might put up several questions related to Spring MVC. The sample questions section will provide some important MVC interview questions.Â

    Spring MVC is a Java-based framework that provides a Model View Controller architecture in the application in addition to ready components implemented for developing adaptable web applications. It utilizes all the elementary traits of a core Spring Framework such as dependency injection, integration with other frameworks, lightweight, inversion of control, and more. Spring MVC uses DispatcherServlet to implement MVC in Spring Framework.Â

    Q How is the routing done in MVC?

    The RouteCollection in MVC has a set of routes responsible for registering the routes in the application. The RegisterRoutes method helps record the routes in the collection. A route defines the URL pattern and a handler which checks the request matching the pattern.Â

    The MVC routing consists of three parameters. The first parameter provides the name of the route. The second determines a specific pattern with which the URL matches and the third parameter provides default values for its placeholders.

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