Advanced Structures India Pvt Ltd Interview Questions

In a project manager interview, you will be asked questions that will test your knowledge of people skills, technical abilities, and response to specific scenarios.

Oxane Partners Interview Rounds and Process

  • Resume Shortlist
  • Aptitude Test
  • Technical
  • One-on-one Round
  • + 1 more
  • Basic Excel, Accounts and Critical Thinking MCQs

  • Q1. Asked about previous experience, roles and responsibilities. Some questions related to how cash flows are effected and how to improve. Add Answer
  • Q1. Self introduction, challenges you have faced in your current job. Add Answer
  • Q2. Current role and responsibilities. Add Answer
  • Q3. Excel formula, alternative for VLOOKUP, formulas that you use on daily basis. Add Answer
  • Q1. Salary Negotiation, Make a good research, unfortunately i didnt do prope negotiation Add Answer
  • Acko General Insurance Interview Rounds and Process

    Round duration – 75 Minutes Round difficulty – Medium

    The round consisted of 2 Coding based based questions. These question were easy for as I have already done this while preparing.

  • Q1. Flip Equivalent Binary Tree You have been given the root of two binary trees ‘ROOT1’ and ‘ROOT2’. You need to find if the two trees are flip equivalent or nread more View Answers (2)
  • Q2. Split Array Into Increasing Subsequences You are given an integer array/list ‘ARR’ of size N that is sorted in ascending order. Your task is to reread more View Answers (2)
  • Round duration – 60 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    The interview started a bit late as I it to be at 11:30 am but started at 12:15pm So Had to wait. Apart from these the overall experience was great and the interviewer was also kind and had a smiling face.

  • Q1. Ninja And Alternating Largest Ninja is given a few numbers, and he is being asked to rearrange the numbers so that every second element is greater than its read more View Answers (2)
  • Q2. PuzzleYou have measure 4litre using 3 cups of 3,5 and 8 litres. View Answers (2)
  • Round duration – 30 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    10:30 PM Interviewer was Cool.

  • Q1. Technical Question This round was completely about my projects and my previous internships. There was lot of drilling on my projects like motive behind doinread more View Answers (1)
  • Round duration – 5 minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    At 10:00 am

  • Q1. Basic HR QuestionsNo problems were asked just said do u want to ask about me or the company. And how was my interview experience. Add Answer
  • What is an index?

    Indexes help speed up searching in a database. If there is no index on a column in the WHERE clause, then the SQL Server has to skim through the entire table and check each and every row to find matches, which may result in slow operations in large data.

    Indexes are used to find all rows matching with some columns and then to skim through only those subsets of the data to find the matches.


    What do you know about magic tables in SQL Server?

    A magic table can be defined as a provisional logical table that is developed by an SQL Server for tasks such as insert, delete, or update (DML) operations. The operations recently performed on the rows are automatically stored in magic tables. Magic tables are not physical tables; they are just temporary internal tables.

    1 What are the techniques you may use to define the scope of a project?Â

    With this question, the interview panel is trying to understand your knowledge in the concerned domain. You can explain these various concepts involved in defining the scope of the project that include – Product Breakdown, Requirement Analysis, Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis, Value Engineering, Value Analysis, and Alternatives Analysis.Â

    Advanced Active Directory Job Interview Questions & Answers

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