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EPAM Systems Interview Rounds and Process

Two coding questions on codility. One was easy and second medium. 10 MCQ questions on Big Data related technologies.

  • Q1. This round was scheduled for 1.5 hours and lasted 1 hrs 5 minutes. Discuss about projects done for previous company and architecture of the same. Add Answer
  • Q2. Write code for printing duplicate numbers in a list. Add Answer
  • Q3. Scala traits, higher order functions, currying Add Answer
  • Q4. Connecting Spark to Azure SQL Database. Add Answer
  • Q5. Elaboration of Spark optimization techniques. Types of transformations, shuffling. Add Answer
  • Q6. Difference between cache and persist, repartition and coalesce. Add Answer
  • Q7. Spark components and job execution steps. Add Answer
  • Q8. Hive types of tables and difference between them Add Answer
  • Q1. This was the final round of 1 hour and lasted 45 minutes.I was asked technical questions along with last companies project description. Add Answer
  • Q2. Discuss project and its architecture. Add Answer
  • Q3. Write code to print reverse of a sentence word by word. Add Answer
  • Q4. Difference between RDD, Dataframe, Dataset. Add Answer
  • Q5. Lineage graph, DAG formation, RDDs characteristics Add Answer
  • Role and responsibilities of test engineers

    So what exactly do test engineers do? In the simplest terms, test engineers create and run quality assurance (QA) operations on products or systems to confirm that they function properly and meet the needs of the final audience. Test engineers also run case-scenarios to determine what problems could arise during the use of the product or system and how these issues can be addressed. The goal is to iron out as many bugs as possible, resulting in a high-quality commodity.

    Specific job responsibilities of test engineers may include:

  • Testing various aspects of the product or system, such as function, performance, regression, and service
  • Designing test environments, test plans, test cases and usage scenarios, and executing these operations
  • Providing feedback on useability and serviceability
  • Senior test engineer duties include:

  • Developing tests and designing hardware or software to execute said tests
  • Verifying and validating new tests, test systems, and solutions
  • Performing automated and manual tests and interpreting test results
  • Creating, updating, and communicating documentation of tests performed
  • Providing technical expertise and design input
  • Technical understanding and experience are requisites of this position, but test engineers must have other soft skills to perform their roles successfully. These include:

  • Analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Tact and interpersonal skills which allow them to develop and maintain good working relationships with software developers
  • The ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Communication skills that allow them to work effectively in a team
  • Finding the right test engineer for your QA team starts with a high-quality interview. Here are the top questions hiring managers should ask when sourcing their next test engineer.

    Test engineer interview questions for experience and competence

    In all hiring cases, new test engineers should be highly capable and have significant background experience. In order to assess their previous experience, the following questions are a great place to start.

  • What testing tools have you used?
  • How do you distinguish a symptom from a cause in testing?
  • Please explain the SDLC methodology.
  • Please describe a test strategy which you have found to be most effective.
  • What’s your experience with object-oriented programming languages?
  • What test cases would you write for a remote desktop feature?
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    Advantest interview at AI Summit Austin 2022

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