Aegis Jio Interview Questions

Jio Platforms Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. This was L0 round it started from , Tell me something about yourself. View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Then started Rapid Coding Questions Add Answer
  • Q3. What is Java ? Oops concepts ? DBMS concept ( primary key , 2 vs 3 tier architecture, ACID properties ) Logic for basic loops Is there any way to print 1 toread more Add Answer
  • Q4. Eventually i cleared the L0 round Add Answer
  • Q1. Then came time for L1 round Add Answer
  • Q2. In this the interviewer was an employee of Jio platforms working as Software Engineer. They first made me comfortable by asking about my day and then starteread more Add Answer
  • Q3. What is Frontend, Do you know Node js ? Add Answer
  • Q4. Is is possible to implement stack using queues ? Add Answer
  • Q5. Tell me something about recursion also do you have idea about time and space complexity. Add Answer
  • Q6. Explain your projects to me . After my answer pointed out some loop holes and then tried to brainstorm with me over the same . Add Answer
  • Q7. Also some more questions regarding to SQL etc Add Answer
  • Q8. Eventually i also cleared round L1 Add Answer
  • Q1. In this round there were two members, one technical interviewer and one HR. Add Answer
  • Q2. Questions were good like sorting , searching etc Add Answer
  • Q3. I was able to do good but eventually i was caught off-guard when suddenly they asked which phone i used and why i preferred it. View Answers (1)
  • Q4. Then they asked whether i was okay to relocate and also what were my extra curricular activities Add Answer
  • Q5. Eventually i got selected and got Jio Spark – 5 Lpa Add Answer
  • aegis jio interview questions

    Basic questions on generic IT terms

  • Q1. Questions based on skillset mentioned in resume Add Answer
  • Q2. Questions based on basic computer science knowledge Add Answer
  • Q1. Questions based on skilleset mentioned in resume Add Answer
  • Q2. Questions based on Mulesoft for me Add Answer
  • Q1. One more level up on technical questions Add Answer
  • Q1. Managerial and technical round Add Answer
  • Top skills recommended for EPAM Systems Data Engineer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

    aegis jio interview questions

    Allianz Technology Interview Rounds and Process

    First Round includes Aptitude Test and basic Coding Test in any languages like C++, Java, Python.

  • Q1. 1. Tell me about yourself. Add Answer
  • Q2. 2. Which programming language you are good in? 3. What are the pillars of OOP? Explain in deep. 4. SQL queries. 5. Easy level coding. Add Answer
  • Q1. 1. Give brief introduction. 2. Explain Encapsulation and implementation. 3. How to achieve inheritance? Write basic code. 4. Explain collection frameworks iread more Add Answer
  • Q2. 5. Explain Exception Handling 6. Write code to remove duplicate elements from String. Add Answer
  • Optum Global Solutions Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. Tell us about your self View Answers (1)
  • Q2. About your experience and knowledge and process related Add Answer
  • Q3. Health insurance knowledge and information Add Answer
  • Q4. About your responsibility of last organization Add Answer
  • Q1. They will ask about your self and experience and knowledge of process and responsibilities of your last work Add Answer
  • Wipro Enterprises Ltd Interview Rounds and Process

    aegis jio interview questions

    Aegis interview process

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