Aem 6.2 Interview Questions

Why is AEM preferred over CMS?Â

AEMs biggest benefit is its ability to help users build a customized digital experience. Users also enjoy it due to the following features that it offers:Â

  • Digital assets managementÂ
  • WorkflowsÂ
  • Social media and multi-channel collaborationsÂ
  • Sitecore is a famous content management system built on ASP.NET. Sitecore CMS helps editors and content managers keep complete control of their websites. This includes e-commerce, social integration, and blog posts. It is a revered digital marketing tool.

    1 Explain the Adobe Marketing Cloud.Â

    AMC or the Adobe Marketing Cloud is well known in the digital marketing world. It is an Adobe product that has all the latest features required for marketing functionalities. The AMC is an excellent place to optimize and analyze content and websites.Â

    aem 6.2 interview questions

    Differentiate between package and bundle?Â

    A zip file containing content in the form of a file system specialization or vault specialization is a package. It is easy to use and edit and displays content from a repository.Â

    A loadable collection of jars, classes, and configuration files that mainly declare their external dependency is known as a bundle.Â

    aem 6.2 interview questions

    3 Explain the role of the Dispatcher in CQ5?

    Ans: In CQ5 Dispatcher helps to cache and load balance. The main responsibilities are,

  • Caching: Cache as much content as possible[ It helps to reduce the continuous functioning of the layout engine frequently for generating content when in dynamic.
  • Load-balancing: To increase the performance by load-balancing.
  • 2 Difference between Dialog and Design Dialog?

    Ans: Dialog is a key element of your component as they provide an interface for authors to configure and provide input to that component. The user input will be stored at the page level. Design dialog will share the content at the template level. Also, we can dynamically change the content in design mode.

    What are Dependency/Dependencies in the client library?

    Ans: It is a list of other client library categories on which this library folder depends. For example, given two cq: ClientLibraryFolder nodes F and G, if a file in F requires another file in G to function properly, then at least one of the categories of G should be among the dependencies of F.

    1 In the content of AEM, what do you mean by a template?Â

    When users need to implement a uniform style for their application, they use the AEM template. In AEM, static or editable templates are used to build a new page and generate a content fragment.Â

    1 What is the difference between c: import, sling: include, and CQ: include? What is the advantage of each tag?


    I assume this is the import tag of the Standard Tag Library. This tag is documented and does not know about Sling directly.

    This is the include tag of the Sling JSP Tag library. This tag knows about Sling and also supports RequestDispatcherOptions.

    This tag is a Communique-specific extension of the Sling JSP Tag library include tag. IIRC supports callings scripts in addition to just including renderings of resources. In a Communiqué application, I would suggest generally use the Communique or Sling include tag since this provides you more Sling support. You may use the JSTL import tag if you don’t have specific requirements for Sling extended features, plan to use the JSP (fragment) outside of Communique, or if you want to further process the generated (imported) content with a reader or a variable.

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