Aeon Skype Interview Questions

Online General Meeting and Group Interview, and Online Personal Interview

The Online General Meeting and Group Interview is held over a digital platform. Candidates will learn more about AEON and will work together to prepare a short teaching activity. Candidates will also have the opportunity to ask questions. The Online General Meeting lasts between 2.5 to 3 hours.

Online Personal Interviews will be held later the same day for all candidates in attendance. During the Online Personal Interview, candidates will do a teaching demonstration using AEON materials. Candidates will be asked employment-related questions by the recruiters. An Online Personal Interview lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. At the conclusion of the interview, the candidate will take an online English test and questionnaire.

Apologies if this comes off a bit desperate, but… Long story short, I finally earned a BA in English and Paralegal Studies recently. I had been applying to places like mad. Either they never got back to me, required more experience I didnt have or granted me interviews I didnt pass. I dont understand this last reasoning, because I have tried to research interview questions and answers. Even when I replied with things people who got the job did they basically sent me home, said theyd call me and never did. So. One of my friends suggested I just teach English in Asia. My majors are very ideal for that kind of thing, and I actually come from an Asian immigrant background as well so itd be easier. I managed to snag two more interviews. One with Amity and one with AEON. Ive Googled and read as much as I could. I get that Im supposed to be very attentive, enthusiastic and wear a suit. I have all of these things. I even bought a new notebook I can use for the occasion. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any recent information. I put together a rudimentary lesson plan. Five minutes is a while, but Im going to just rehearse and do the best I can. Does anyone have any other advice? Thanks in advance. (

Overseas Job Opportunities With Aeon English School.  Get Tips to Help You Succeed

aeon skype interview questions

If you’re thinking of pursuing overseas job opportunities with Aeon English school, but are unsure of what will be required of you and how the whole interview process goes, you’re in luck. We’ve put together some tips and strategies to help get you through it.

Withstanding the shakeout that killed off Nova English schools in 2007 and wiped out Geos allowing G. Communications to clean things up with a buyout of around 200 of their branches, Aeon with its 250 plus schools nation wide continues to offer viable overseas teaching opportunities for many just starting out in ESL teaching.

Their Recruitment Mechanism

Aeon primarily recruits and filters applicants via. their on-line application forms. No need to sweat about deadlines like the JET Program as their well-oiled recruitment machine grinds on pretty much 24/7 with applications accepted year around backed up with weekly interviews in a host of U.S. cities and a few other countries.

Interview Locations

Being primarily U.S. based, their main interview locations are Los Angeles and New York. However they do have locations in Toronto, Honolulu, Melbourne, Brisbane and London. If you are already in Japan they do grant interviews for those with valid visas out of their Tokyo branch on a weekly basis. For all interview locations you can go to

What Type of Teacher They Look For

Like Nova Holdings , Berlitz, ECC, Aeon and a host of other chain schools mandate that “candidates must have an accredited Bachelors degree combined with a strong understanding and masterful command of the English language, and a genuine interest in the culture and people of Japan as well as in teaching and business.” Well anyway, thats what they say on their website. And its true. Teacher turnover is high for Aeon and company as your average teacher stays in Japan 3 years before packing it in.

Like the other schools who basically only hire native English speakers, you can get a position if you have 10 years of education provided that English is the primary mode of instruction. More info. on what big English schools are looking for here.


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