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Now, since we have understood the context, let’s understand what verification is. The verification process would verify if the software has been implemented correctly as per the requirement [Req-1 (Company-Y)] to display only the Air Speed on the cockpit.

Q8) What is Software Integration Testing?


The software integration testing typically needs to be performed after the execution of Unit level testing. The software integration testing is done to ensure that the software components/modules/units are interacting with each other in correct manner and meeting the software requirement specification and software architecture.

For example:

We have 100 units or functions in our software – U1, U2, U3,.., U99, U100. During the Unit Level testing, we will focus on one unit at a time (U1 or U2 etc) and test the particular unit to ensure it meets the requirement.

During the software integration testing, we will focus on functionally connected units at a time. May be, U1, U18, and U87 are functionally connected and interact with each other to perform a function. So, we will focus on U1, U18, and U87 in the software integration testing and verify if they interact with each other correctly and perform the operations in right sequence to deliver the functionality.

We can find the following issues/errors during software integration testing:

  • Errors during parameter passing between functions.
  • Incorrect initialization of variables, pointers, and constants.
  • Incorrect updates of Global Data.
  • Incorrect sequencing of operations.
  • These errors can not be found during Unit Level testing.

    Note: This is one of the popular Avionics Verification and Validation interview questions.

    Q10) What is Hardware-In-Loop Testing?


    The Hardware-Software Integration Testing is often known as Hardware-In-Loop testing. Hardware-Software Integration testing is already explained in previous questions.

    Q12) What is White-Box testing?


    Unlike Black-Box testing, the White-Box testing inspects the program behavior by exercising the internal software code structure.

    So, in case of White-Box testing, the tester will have the knowledge of internal software implementation, code and structure. The name “White-Box” indicates the capability to see-through the internal software code from tester perspective.

    The White-Box testing is also known as Glass Box Testing, Clear Box testing, Open Box Testing, Structural Testing or Code-Based testing.

    aero cloud aviation interview questions

    The White-Box testing involves writing the test cases based on the software internal code structure to verify the flow of input-output data and to improve the software design or architecture.

    The White-Box testing includes – Data-Flow testing, Path Testing, Coverage Testing, Test minimization etc.

    Q3) Can you explain the difference between verification and validation?


    As we have seen both the definition of verification and validation, now we can conclude the differences between them.

  • Verification is the process of evaluating the software product to determine if it meets the software requirement specification, whereas the validation is to ensure that our software meets the user’s needs.
  • 2. Verification address the question: “Are we building the product right?” whereas,

    Validation address the following: “Are we building the right product?”

    3. The verification process will evaluate the following items – software plan document, Software requirement specification (SRS), Software Design Specification, Software Code, Software Test Cases etc. On the other hand, validation evaluates the actual product as a whole.

    4. The verification activities include – Review, Walkthrough, Analysis, Inspection, Testing. In case of validation, only Black Box testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is done in the context of DO-178C / DO-178B.

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