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The industry: In addition to company research, it is worth doing a quick search on the industry generally and keeping an eye out for industry specific issues and news. If there are particularly relevant events or pressures facing the industry, understanding these can help you demonstrate your knowledge and build rapport with your interviewers.

The company: Although you may have a company brief, it is your job to build on this and ensure you have a comprehensive overview of the company structure, vision and market positioning. The organisation’s website is always a good place to start, however also keep an eye out for media releases, annual reports, mission statements and news articles. Be sure you are familiar with the products and/or services the company offers.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your knowledge and to engage your interviewers in conversation is to ask open and relevant questions. Be careful not to ask basic questions that you should know the answer to. Think, of how you can add value to the business, either through reduced costs or increased profits. For example, “If I’m successful in obtaining this position, what do you think will be my biggest challenge?” Some standard questions you could prepare in advance are:

“Yes, I believe that honesty is always the best policy. I deliver honest news with as much empathy as possible. I will never hold back from telling the truth when it means so much to another person to hear it. If a client does not want to move forward with a candidate, I will let them know right away and give them open feedback whenever possible. When it comes to paperwork and the legal ins and outs of supplying employment opportunities, I always abide within legal limits and regulations.”

As a recruiter or staffing professional, you will come across some grey areas, including pay structures, fee structures, rules governing contract employees, and non-compete or non-disclosure agreements. Its vital to the reputation of Aerotek that you abide by rules and regulations carefully and always working within the ethical lines of recruitment. Your response can also include how honest you are with candidates regarding your clients needs. You could also mention your transparency when closing off with candidates that have not been chosen for the job.

“I understand that there are known grey areas in recruitment, primarily from agencies that do not present themselves in the best light. One of the reasons I applied to Aerotek is because of your long-standing sterling reputation in the industry. This excellent reputation comes from being honest and forthright with candidates and clients alike.”

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