Aetins Interview Questions

What is goodwill for bankGood w Round

  • Q1. What is goodwill for bank View Answers (2)
  • Ratio analysis of define bank statement

    aetins interview questions

    JP Morgan Chase Interview Rounds and Process

    2 very easy coding questions. Solved both of them in 12-15 minutes.

  • Q1. Discussion on project. How will you implement call logs in mobile number efficiently. Make sure that you know everything about what you have written in projread more Add Answer
  • Q1. Asked if I have my personal website. Add Answer
  • Q2. What happens when you enter the address of your personal website in your browser? Deep discussion on this topic alongwith protocol , DNS table etc. Make surread more Add Answer
  • Q3. Discussion on internships. Add Answer
  • Q1. Why do u want to wark at jpmc ? Add Answer
  • Q2. Asked about my educational and family background. What job my father do , asked about my location preference (Mumbai, Bengaluru or Hyderabad) , asked how weread more Add Answer
  • aetins interview questions

    It was an Multiple choice test with 5 sections namely Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Aptitude. One must answer at least 3 sections. I have answered Physics, Chemistry and Aptitude. There questions will be pretty easy if you still hold the in-depth knowledge of respective subjects from your 11th and 12th classes.

    An assignment was given for all the candidates who passed round 1. According to the mail which they sent… all the candidates will have to complete the assignment in the specified time period. Also everyone who have passed round 1 are eligible for interview but they must attempt the assignment that was given. The assignment consisted of 3 questions… the first question is to read a big story and rewrite it in 200 words or less. The second question is to make a drawing based on any one of the few given topics. The third question was actually a chemistry question (since i have chosen chemistry as my main subject). The answered them all and mailed them a compiled version of all the answers. Overall in my opinion, this assignment was only to check the creativity of the students.

  • Q1. Tell me about yourself? Which school have you studied in during your 10th grade? View Answers (12)
  • Q2. Which branch of chemistry are you most familiar with? Add Answer
  • Q3. What are the allotropes of carbon? Add Answer
  • Q4. How would you explain the mole concept to a complete beginner? Add Answer
  • Q5. Few questions that im not able to recollect but were based on chemical bonding Add Answer
  • Q6. How would you explain to a 7th grade student if he asked why the sky is blue? View Answers (1)
  • What is your greatest accomplishment?

    Though it can be challenging to pinpoint a single achievement, it can be useful to mention a few successes that demonstrate your work ethics and values. Cite concrete examples and relate these accomplishments to the position.

    Why are you leaving your current job?

    Drop the negative aspects of your last position. Focus on the future and what youre looking forward to in your next role. Craft[ a well-prepared answer that highlights what you want to achieve with this job change.

    An interviewer may ask this question to give you a chance to discuss your skillset. Talk about your behavioral qualities and professional expertise that you think are most important for the position.

    Interviewers may ask this to check your self-awareness and desire for self-improvement. Begin by describing your weakness, and then talk about the approaches youve worked on to better yourself.

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