Afcat Interview Questions

Commonly Asked Questions At The AFCAT Interview

  • Tell me the methods of preparation you used for the exam?
  • Why do you want to join the Indian Air Force?
  • Tell your opinions on the way these AFCAT exams are conducted by the authorities?
  • Why did you choose this particular stream in AFCAT?
  • How are AFCAT exams different from others?
  • Do you think the AFCAT exams can be improved?
  • How did you prepare for the exams and what materials did you refer to?
  • What is the difference between the SSB pattern of AFCAT and others?
  • State the deficiencies you identified in this SSB center.
  • What obstacles did you face while reaching this center?
  • What are your time management methods when it comes to preparing for your goal?
  • If you are the first time, how did you prepare yourself for this exam/interview?
  • How many friends did you make here and who has performed excellently among them?
  • Tell us about some good or bad quality of yours and how do you wish to correct your bad qualities?
  • Highlight the importance of your native place in terms of social, educational, and political background?
  • Answering these questions confidently requires confidence and straightforwardness as the majority of the questions asked are not related to anything outside your scope. The way you present your answers to these questions is what the interviewers look for.Also Read: Salary Structure for AFCAT Aspirants

    The interview process for AFCAT itself is segregated into three stages; with each stage focusing on a different mode of interviewing/testing the candidate.

    The first stage is where the candidates have to undergo the officer intelligence rating test, picture perception, and discussion test. Candidates who qualify at this stage have to submit their documents for verification purposes.

    The second stage comprises the psychological evaluation of the candidates. After this, group tests & personality tests are conducted.

    The third stage is organized for candidates who have applied in the Flying Branch where they have to undergo CPSS or the Computerized Pilot Selection System.

    To conclude, it is important to keep in mind that the questions given above are the ones that are often asked by the AFCAT interviewer. They might even ask extra questions to evaluate you further. What matters would be the way you are handling those questions. Remember, a well-delivered & confident response is the key to victory. To know more about AFCAT 2023, stay tuned to Collegedekho!

    Air Force selection board is the board that selects candidates for the technical and non – technical services into the Indian Air Force. It is almost similar to the Service Section board and Naval Selection Board except for some minor tasks during the 5 days testing. In this article, we will be looking at the 30+ interview questions that many candidates have faced.

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    These were some of the questions that generally candidates face during their AFSB interviews, there are no right or wrong answers to these questions because everyone has their own reasons to do something in life. So do not read someone’s answers rather introspect and find your own original answers. Situation-based questions (discussed above) are generally asked a candidate to access his sharpness of mind to think under pressure and the quality of decisions they made. Questions based on journey, place, and SSB center are asked to check the observational skills of a candidate, how active and alert he is at the place he is residing in or even traveling through. So it is advised to introspect and find your own answers, be confident and equanimous during your interview. Do not panic and be under pressure otherwise, it will be resulted in giving confused and less articulated answers. Think about your life, what have you done, why have you done that and what are your plans, what is the justification of that decision you made in your life because the interviewer generally asks questions from the candidate’s answers only. Be confident, candid, bold, and ace the interview.

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