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Docker is an open-source lightweight containerization technology. It has gained widespread popularity in the cloud and application packaging world. It allows you to automate the deployment of applications in lightweight and portable containers.

What are the advantages of using Docker container?

Here, are a major advantage of using Docker.

  • Offers an efficient and easy initial set up
  • Allows you to describe your application lifecycle in detail
  • Simple configuration and interacts with Docker Compose.
  • Documentation provides every bit of information.
  • When to Use an Affinity Diagram

  • When you are confronted with many facts or ideas in apparent chaos
  • When issues seem too large and complex to grasp
  • When group consensus is necessary
  • Typical situations are:

  • After a brainstorming exercise
  • When analyzing verbal data, such as survey results
  • When collecting and organizing large data sets
  • When developing relationships or themes among ideas
  • When reducing attributes to categories that can be addressed at a higher level
  • The affinity diagram process lets a group move beyond its habitual thinking and preconceived categories. This technique accesses the great knowledge and understanding residing untapped in our intuition. Affinity diagrams tend to have 40 to 60 items; however, it is not unusual to see 100 to 200 items.

    Materials needed: Sticky notes or cards, marking pens, and large work surface (wall, table, or floor).

    Step 1: Record each idea with a marking pen on a separate sticky note or card

    (During a brainstorming session, write directly onto sticky notes or cards if you suspect you will be following the brainstorm with an affinity diagram.) Randomly spread notes on a large work surface so all notes are visible to everyone. The entire team gathers around the notes and participates in the next steps.

    Tips: Use markers so words can be read clearly even from a distance. With regular pens, it is hard to read ideas from any distance. Written ideas should be between three and seven words long.

    Step 3: Begin a discussion with your team

    From these relationships, attempt to define categories and create summary or header cards for each grouping or category. You can discuss the shape of the chart, any surprising patterns, and especially reasons for moving controversial notes. Make changes and move ideas around as necessary. When ideas are grouped to the team’s satisfaction, select a heading for each group. To do so, look for a note in each grouping that captures the meaning of the group. Place it at the top of the group. If there is no such note, write one. Often it is useful to write or highlight this note in a different color.

    Tips: Header cards should clearly identify the common thread for all groupings and should be descriptive of that thread.

    1 What the states of Docker container?

    Important states of Docker container are:

    Docker hub is a cloud-based registry that which helps you to link to code repositories. It allows you to build, test, store your in Docker cloud. You can also deploy the to your host with the help of Docker hub.

    Virtualization is a method of logically dividing mainframes to allow multiple applications to run simultaneously.

    However, this scenario changed when companies and open source communities were able to offer a method of handling privileged instructions. It allows multiple OS to run simultaneously on a single x86 based system.

    The hypervisor allows you to create a virtual environment in which the guest virtual machines operate. It controls the guest systems and checks if the resources are allocated to the guests as necessary.

    affinity qc interview questions

    Docker object labels is a method for applying metadata to docker objects including, s, containers, volumes, network, swam nodes, and services.

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