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afry interview questions

afry interview questions

afry interview questions

afry interview questions

Top skills recommended for 3 Minds Digital Full Stack Developer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

afry interview questions

Vilas Javdekar Developers Interview Rounds and Process

afry interview questions

Type 2 – Market-sizing & guesstimateThese are on top of the list among popular case interview questions!

These questions go along the lines of “How many trees are there in Central Park?” or “What’s the market size of pick-up trucks in the USA?” The key to nailing market-sizing and guesstimate questions lies in not the closest results, but the most logical and structured approaches. In fact, the interviewer expects you to follow these four steps:1

Unless you come up with something about 10 times the reasonable estimate, don’t worry about being “wrong” – the interviewer is unlikely to have a “correct” number in mind, he/she just wants to see your structured mindset. This question type is so common, we devote a whole article to it, and our Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program have a separate package on these questions. Check out our comprehensive guide on Market-Sizing & Guesstimate Questions for more details! Now, here’s a quick example for you to try and get used to this type:

How to Estimate Logically and Structurally

afry interview questions

Break down the problem: The global smartphone market can be divided into three segments – developed countries, developing countries, and undeveloped countries. In each segment, the annual unit sales of smartphones depend on four variables:

Solve each piece:

Developed Developing Undeveloped
Population 1.5 billion 5.5 billion 1 billion
Phone-owning age 1.2 billion 4.4 billion 0.8 billion
Smartphone owners 1.2 billion 3.3 billion 0.08 billion
Annual unit sales 0.4 billion 1.1 billion 0.03 billion

=> Estimated global smartphone market: 1.53 billion units per year => Actual 2019 global smartphone sales: 1.37 billion units (error margin: 11.7%)This market-sizing question is solved using a four-step process, which is explained in this article: Market-Sizing & Guesstimate Questions

3 Minds Digital Interview Rounds and Process

The first round was coding round to test the candidates ability . Test duration was one hour. The coding test was based on basic javascript logics.

The second round was group discussion. The topic was strategy to build a project, folder structure and API integration etc.

  • Q1. First question was tell about yourself in detail. View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Second was why should we hire you? Add Answer
  • Q3. What can you bring to the company? Add Answer
  • Q1. What is your weakness ans strength? Add Answer
  • Q2. What is you salary expectation? Add Answer
  • Type 4 – Brain teasersBrain teasers are the least predictable case interview questions – but even these can be learned!

    Brain teasers are riddles designed to test unconventional, creative, and logical thinking. A famous example of this is Accenture’s “How do you put a giraffe in a fridge?”. Although not as popular as before, brain teasers might still appear in consulting interviews; therefore, you should spend some time to prepare. Most brain teasers can be allocated into these seven types:

    Illusion questions require you to bypass misleading details to spot what’s important. Pattern/trend questions require you to identify trends and patterns, then fill in the blanks.
    Draw-explanation questions require you to use stories to explain weird and seemingly impossible situations. Wording questions require you to find alternative meanings to words to explain impossible situations.
    Letter-trick questions require you to identify meanings hidden behind the organization, composition, and visual demonstration of letters. Market-sizing & guesstimate questions require you to estimate vague, sometimes unverifiable figures; we’ve just covered these in the previous section.

    In our Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program, there are +200 brain teasers to help you prepare for these “unpredictable” questions. You can also read our article about Case Interview Brain Teasers for insights on all of these exciting brain teasers, as well as 30 example questions and answers!

    Cracking the Most Unpredictable Interview Questions with 30 Examples

    afry interview questions

    Answer Key Open the fridge, put the giraffe in, then close the fridge. The question never says how big the fridge or the giraffe is.For the logic and approach behind each kind of brain teasers, see the article on Brain Teasers.

    How is it to work at AFRY?

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