Agaram Technologies Interview Questions

These are expert-created Java interview questions and answers to help you excel in your Java interview. Here you will learn Java advantages, inheritance, class, enumeration, iterator, JSON, abstract class, transient and volatile variables, HTTP tunneling, hibernate in Java, and more. Learn Java from Intellipaat Java Training to excel in your career!

Switchgear and Control Technics Interview Rounds and Process

agaram technologies interview questions

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agaram technologies interview questions

7 How to distinguish processes from threads?

Below are the key differences between the processes and threads:

Process Thread
The process is the set of instructions or programs in execution. Thread is a segment or part of a process
Takes more time to execute. Takes less time to execute.
Context switching is slower. Context switching is faster.
Processes are generally isolated. Threads share the memory.
The process is a heavy-weight process. Lightweight process.
One blocked process will not affect the performance of other processes. A blocked thread would block other threads of the same process.
The process consumes fewer more resources. Threads consume fewer resources.

Money View Interview Rounds and Process

30 Questions – 90 minutes Difficulty level – medium

  • Q1. General Introduction, then cross questions on projects mentioned in resume. Discussion on interest and my field of interest. After that the interviewer testread more Add Answer
  • Q1. Basic Introduction. Some guesstimate questions. Some questions related to business analysis. Finally he asked me about working of various ML algorithms mentread more Add Answer
  • Q1. More of a formal talk. About my family background, my projects, what were my role in them. How do I manage myself while on a project. Finally confirmation oread more Add Answer
  • agaram technologies interview questions

    8 What is the function of the IOC container in spring?

    The IOC container is responsible for:

  • Creating an instance
  • Configuring the instance
  • Assembling the dependencies
  • Write a code to sort a list of strings using Java 8 lambda expression.

    With Java 8, Nashorn, a much-improved JavaScript engine, is introduced and it replaced the existing Rhino. It provides 2–10 times better performance, as it directly compiles the code in memory and passes the bytecode to JVM. Although, Nashorn uses the invoke dynamic feature, introduced in Java 7, to improve performance.

    5 Java doesn’t use pointers. Why?

    Pointers are susceptible and slightly carelessness in their use which may result in memory problems, and hence Java basically manages their use.

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