Agile Interview Questions And Answers For Testers

2) List out the pros and cons of exploratory testing (used in Agile) and scripted testing?

Pros Cons
Exploratory Testing – It requires less preparation- Easy to modify when requirement changes- Works well when documentation is scarce – Presenting progress and Coverage to project management is difficult
Scripted Testing – In case testing against legal or regulatory requirements it is very useful – Test preparation is usually time-consuming- Same steps are tested over and again- When requirement changes it is difficult to modify

10) What is test driven development?

Test driven development or TDD is also known as test-driven design. In this method, developer first writes an automated test case which describes new function or improvement and then creates small codes to pass that test, and later re-factors the new code to meet the acceptable standards.

6 Can agile methodology also be applied other than software testing and development projects?Â

In the fields of biophysics, biochemistry, and biomedicine, agile methodology can be used in a range of situations, such as when there is a lack of data when a small team is required to complete the project when the nature of the job is uncertain, and in several other situations.

What does the term impediment mean? Â

An impediment prevents the team from working efficiently and hinders their ability to complete tasks more effectively.

4 What is the increment? Explain.

The sum of every products backlog items during a sprint is known as the increment. Since they are cumulative, each increment comprises the values from the previous sprint increment. As it is a step toward achieving the aim, it should be configured to be in the available mode in its upcoming release.

2 What is Zero sprint in Agile?Â

The first sprints pre-step is known as a zero sprint.Â

3 Explain what it means by product roadmap?Â

A product roadmap is a source of truth used by all parties to describe a products long-term goals, priorities, and progress.Â

3 Are there any agile certifications?Â

The following list of agile certifications and scrum certifications:

  • ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner)Â
  • ASM (Agile Scrum Master)
  • Safe Agilist
  • CSM (Certified Scrum Master)
  • PSM (Professional Scrum Master)Â
  • 17) What is a test stub?

    A test stub is a small code that replaces an undeveloped or fully developed component within a system being tested. Test stub is designed in such a way that it mimics the actual component by generating specifically known outputs and substitute the actual component.

    What are the different types of Agile methodologies?

    It is a framework that enables teams to create high-quality software that helps improve their quality of life. It enables software development alongside relevant and appropriate engineering practices. It is applicable to handle changing software requirements, risks caused due to new software, working with a small, extended development team, and technology that allows automated unit and functional tests.

    It is a method that’s used to design, manage, and improve the flow of systems. Kanban enables organizations to visualize their flow of work and limit the amount of work in progress. It is used in situations where work arrives unpredictably, and where work needs to be deployed immediately without waiting for other work items.Â

    It is a set of tools and principles that focuses on identifying and removing waste, to speed up process development. Value is maximized, and waste is minimized. It is used in just about every industry that produces waste in some form or the other.Â

    It is a framework that is used by teams to establish a hypothesis, test it, reflect on the experience, and make adjustments. It enables teams to incorporate practices from other frameworks depending on the requirements. It is used by cross-functional teams that are working on product development, and the work is split into more than one 2-4 week iterations.Â

    It focuses on people and their interactions, rather than on tools and processes. Aimed to streamline processes and improve optimization, Crystal works on the principle that projects are unique and dynamic. It is used when the focus is on strengthening team communication, continuous integration, active user involvement, and configurable processes.Â

    Agile Testing Interview Questions and Answers – 21+ Questions For Freshers & Experienced Candidates

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