Agile Interview Questions For Software Developers

1 What is the difference between Agile and Scrum?

Agile: It is an approach mainly used for software development. In this methodology, complex projects are broken down into smaller units that are achievable in a specific time frame. It always involves customers in the development process. Scrum: There are different agile methodologies, and Scrum is one of them. It promotes accountability, function, and teamwork similar to Agile. In simple words, it is an improved way of Agile methodology and shares the same principles and values of Agile with adding some of its own unique features. Agile vs Scrum Agile and Scrum, both provide a flawless experience to customers in the software development cycle and share similar methods like collaborative iterations. But still, both of them cannot be substituted for each other. It mainly depends upon the type of project, budget, time, and feasibility to choose any one of them for project development. There are several differences between them as given below:

Agile Scrum
It is a methodology that is used for software management and project management. It is just a form of Agile that fully describes the process and its steps.
It emphasizes the incremental and iterative model known as sprints. It is basically an approach or implementation of agile methodology.
It is best suited for projects that usually involve a small team of experts. It is best suited for projects that require constant handling of changing requirements.
It is a long-term process. It is a slow-term process.
It requires simple and straightforward design and execution. It requires innovation, creating design, and execution.
In this, all tasks are handled and managed by the project head. In this, all tasks and issues are addressed and handled by entire team members.
It emphasizes face-to-face communication to achieve desired goals. It focuses on delivering maximum business value.
It is a less rigid method with more flexibility for change. It is a more rigid method with less flexibility for change.

1 What are Burn-up and Burn-down charts in Agile?

Burn-up Chart: It is a type of chart that is used to display or represent the amount of work that has been completed and the total amount of work for a sprint or iteration. Burn-down Chart: It is a type of chart that is used to display or represent the amount of work that is remaining to be completed in the project. These charts are very simple and easy to understand.

5 Is it possible to apply agile methodology to other testing apart from software testing and development testing?Â

The file testing methodology can be used in the fields where there is a lack of data and a small team is required to finish the project.

Q How do you determine if your product is successful?

If the interviewer asks this question from you, they ask about key performance indicators. They want to know how you manage your KPIs and which KPI is important in your perspective for tracking the success of a product or service. You must state that a product is successful if it solves the customers problems.Â

12) Explain what is Application Binary Interface?

Across different system platforms and environments a specification defining requirements for portability of applications in binary form is known as Application Binary Interface.

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