Agile Sdlc Model Interview Questions

15) State the Difference Between SDLC And Stlc

SDLC involves the complete Verification and Validation of a Project. SDLC stage requires business requirement analysis, design, Development Process, Testing Process, and Maintenance.

14) What is the use of JAD session?

JAD (Joint Application Design) session is used to gain data and information about the system

What’s the difference between Agile methodology and Traditional methodology of Software Development?

Agile Software Development: It is an iterative approach that is used to design complicated software. In this method, project teams are allowed to be more flexible and ensure that the final is fulfilling the customer’s requirements. It develops customer-centric products and delivers in shorter sprints.

Traditional Software Development: It is a linear approach that is used to design simple software. In this method, all the phases of the process usually occur in sequence. It is more suitable for projects where the possibility of changes is negligible in the scope.

Agile Software Development Traditional Software Development
This approach is more focused on teamwork, flexibility, customer collaboration, and features. This approach is more focused on upfront planning and gives importance to factors like cost, scope, and time.
In this, testing is usually done parallel to the development activity. In this, testing is usually done at the end of the development activity.
In this, testing is done on small features. In this, testing is done on the whole application.
It involves various stakeholders including customers in the development process. It does not involve all stakeholders in the development process.
In this methodology, testers and developers work together as a team to achieve a goal. In this methodology, testers and developers work separately.
They collaborate with customers in each and every step throughout the process. They collaborate with customers only at the requirement phase.
Agile processes are more focused and flexible as compared to traditional processes. The traditional process is less flexible as compared to the agile process.
This method is more suitable for large or more complex projects. This method is more suitable for small or less complex projects.

What is “Planning Poker” technique?

Planning Poker, also known as Scrum Poker, is a consensus-based technique that not only helps agile teams to estimate the time and effort that is required to complete each initiative on their product backlog but also identifies issues before time and within the course of a user story. It makes the meeting more short, productive and creates estimates with the involvement of the whole team. It is mainly used to avoid the influence of other participants, and force each person to think independently and give their opinion.

What do you mean by Daily Stand-Up meeting?

A daily stand-up meeting is a day-to-day meeting among all the members of the agile team. Its main purpose is to know the current progress and performance of every team member that works on Scrum tasks. The meetings take place mostly in the morning and usually involves product owners, developers, and the scrum master.

These meetings usually take place for the following reasons:

  • To know what was done yesterday and what is the plan for today.
  • To provide a better understanding of goals.
  • To make sure that every team member is working toward the same goal.
  • To bring problems of team members into focus so that problems can be addressed quickly.
  • To bring everyone up to date on the information and help the team to stay organized.
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