Agilitics Interview Questions

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  • agilitics interview questions

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    agilitics interview questions

    Q What is Value Stream in SAFe?

    A Value Stram involves a series of steps used to deliver value right from customer order to a tangible product desired by the customer. In a value stream, an event or a customer order triggers the flow of value. It ends after solution deployment to the client. Therefore, components of a value stream involve people, working systems, and information as well as material flow.

    Q List four levels and different configurations in the Leading SAFe 5.1?

    It is a common question in the SAFe® Agile Interview Question list. The four levels in the latest SAFe version are Team Level, Program Level, Value Stream Level & Portfolio Level. There are different configurations in SAFe to build a complete range of development environments described as Essential SAFe, Large Solution SAFe, Portfolio SAFe, and Full SAFe.

    How are two Backlogs distinctive in their specific niche ways?

    For starters, we can look at the Product Backlog as a list of items necessary for the very completion of the product – this is opposed to the Sprint Backlog, which contains a list of items that must be completed during every sprint.

    The backlog regarding the former is collected from customers by product owners and then assigned to teams. The backlog of the latter is collected by the team from th product owner to further set up the same frame of time for this sprint. The Product Backlog has a specific goal at the end, while the Sprint Backlog is only specific to a sprint.

    While a Product Backlog is based on a customer’s vision, the Sprint backlog can vary according to the definition afforded by the product owner. While the Product Backlog is independent of the Sprint Backlog, the Sprint Backlog depends to a certain degree on the Product Backlog.

    The product owner manages and maintains it until the project is finally finished, although all the newsprints have backlogs that are added by each team.

    What Artifacts does the Scrum Process provide?

    There are two kinds of backlogs that one needs to talk about. Firstly, the product backlog is a list that contains new features, changes to these features, bug fixes, infrastructural changes, and a host of other activities which ensure that a particular output may be obtained.

    On the contrary, the Sprint backlog is a subset of the Product Backlog in that it contains tasks that are focused on by the team, which serves to satisfy the goal at the end. These teams need to identify the tasks that must be completed from this product backlog and then added to the sprint backlog.

    Product increment, on the other hand, is a combination of the several product backlog items completed in a sprint and the value of the increments of previous owners. The final output needs to be usable even though the product owner will not release it.

    What is the Scrum methodology?

    Located under its parent methodology Agile, Scrum serves as a team-building framework. In other words, it is an Agile framework that can enable different team members, with their own and distinct points of view and ideas, to come together – in other words, it is team-building expertise.

    The skyrocketing popularity of Scrum may be located in its team-building exercises, as teams have the potential to learn from their own unique experiences. They can use such experiences to reflect upon their failures and victories to gain a multifaceted look-back on their past actions. Such a holistic view will, in turn, let them make further improvements.

    Often, this question may be used at the very beginning to move the interview further along. Getting an idea about the Certified Scrum Master Certification Training and learning the basics and life cycle will go a long way in establishing one’s career.

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