Agoda Analyst Interview Questions

You may be very well subjected to two in-person interviews. The first interview will aim to assess your working knowledge of what the position requires. The second interview will attempt to uncover your personality and how you will fit into the company and the position itself. Here are a few questions you may be asked throughout the various stages of the interview process.

If you are a serious tech wiz, then sending your CV to Agoda is a solid decision. However, before joining Agoda employment, you must pass a few assessment tests. Don’t worry, because JobTestPrep has put together in one all-inclusive PrepPack™ filled with SHL-style exams to further enhance your knowledge of Agoda assessment test materials and improve the accuracy of your responses. This is what youll get in this PrepPack™

Almost all candidates need to take the Agoda numerical reasoning test with is produced by SHL, one of the most popular psychometric testing companies. To see come sample questions with full explanations check them out here>>

At JobTestPrep, we present a great effort in assisting job candidates in their job preparation. We conduct extensive research in offering applicants unique help in passing their tests. Our carefully designed materials contain test simulations similar to Agoda tests given during the hiring process. Therefore, by purchasing our packs, you will be familiarizing yourself with not only the tests’ format but also with questions that are likely to appear on the exam. Arm yourself with our helpful materials and outmatch the competition, vying for your desired position.

Before starting the interview process, it is important to get a feel for the various stages to best prepare for the following assessments:

Urban Company Interview Rounds and Process

Given time series data of provider, compute hour wise provider wise no of seconds online

  • Q1. Case study on the customer churn. Add Answer
  • Q2. Questions on Probability and CLT Add Answer
  • Case Study – How do you improve user engagement of Facebook? Guesstimates – How many people watched the Squid Game series on Netflix

    How do you reduce partner churn in UC?

    3interviewsfound Sort by:

  • Q1. 4 rounds. Ist Machine Coding Round, 2nd Coding Round (Hard, Medium, solved both in 45 minutes, rest of the time we were discussing about company and my experead more Add Answer
  • Q1. Background details, salary expectations Add Answer
  • Q1. About the KRA in current organisation Add Answer
  • Agoda interview questions for popular designations

    Basic math test of 20 minutes, Data interpretation heavy, do the practice test first

  • Q1. Simple background check email sent Add Answer
  • Q2. Didnt make it through after this round Add Answer
  • agoda analyst interview questions

  • Resume Shortlist
  • One-on-one Round
  • Aptitude Test
  • Technical
  • + 1 more
  • Q1. Can you tell me about your self Add Answer
  • Q2. Self introduction, your name, where you belongs from and where you currently residing and about your family about your qualifications and about your job expread more Add Answer
  • Q1. What is swiggy business model? Add Answer
  • Q2. How swiggy earns such as there are 5 different ways swiggy earns. Delivery charges Rs.20-40 per order Commission from restaurant partners 24% -28% per orderread more Add Answer
  • Q3. How will you onboard a restaurant who don’t wants to join? Add Answer
  • Q4. Will tell them about what how will they make profit after onboard as Swiggy partners Add Answer
  • Q5. How to convince a restaurant partners for advertisement! Add Answer
  • Q6. Tell them what they will get by advertising their business on Swiggy application Add Answer
  • Q7. Do you know about Vlookup and pivot table ? Add Answer
  • Q8. Yes I do know it’s actually used for data validation and keeping the date is proper manner Add Answer
  • Q9. Do you know about excel? Add Answer
  • Q10. Yes I do know it’s used for storing the data for reference Add Answer
  • There is 20 questions you need to answer atleast 12 questions to qualify

  • Q1. Excel test and vlookup and pivot table test Add Answer
  • Q2. Vlookup and pivot table test Add Answer
  • Q1. Why should we hire you? Add Answer
  • Q2. Tell them about you work and your strong in what Add Answer
  • Q3. How much salary do you expect? Add Answer
  • Q4. Tell them how much you expect Add Answer
  • Demystifying the Analyst role at Agoda | Beyond the JD

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