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Whether you’re an experienced nurse or just getting your career started, here’s a guide with sample nursing interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your next job interview.

If you’re a nurse who is preparing to interview for a new nursing job in 2023, you’ll want to be prepared for the most common interview questions. In this blog post, we’re breaking down the most common nursing interview questions and how to answer them. We hope that this information will help you prepare for your next nursing interview. Good luck!

Common themes for nursing interview questions

Because nurses care for patients, provide continuity of care, and interact with different members of a patient’s interdisciplinary team, a lot of nursing interview questions revolve around:

These types of nursing interview questions are considered behavioral interview questions. Using real-life examples and stories is a great way to answer behavioral-based interview questions. The interviewer is often attempting to see how you’d react in challenging situations and if you can adapt to life on the unit you’re applying to work at.

This question is a great way to determine your level of expertise with Microsoft Excel. If you have experience using the program, describe how you use it and what types of projects you’ve completed. If you don’t have much experience with Excel, explain that you are willing to learn more about the program if hired.

Example: “In my last position as a nurse, I had to balance many patients’ needs while also ensuring all of their medical records were up-to-date. This was especially important when it came to patient care because I needed to ensure they received the right treatment based on their medical history. To balance these responsibilities, I used a scheduling software program to organize my day and week so I could stay organized and provide quality care for each patient.”

Example: “I am very interested in working for Alberta Health Services because of its mission statement. I believe that everyone deserves access to quality health care regardless of their financial situation or background. I would love to be part of an organization that strives to provide excellent care while also making it affordable for all Albertans.”

Example: “Customer service means providing excellent care while making sure patients feel comfortable. I believe that when people are in vulnerable situations, they need someone who can make them feel safe and calm. To me, customer service means being empathetic and compassionate. It means listening to their concerns and addressing them as quickly as possible.”

Example: “I believe that every patient deserves excellent care, regardless of whether they’re a paying customer or not. I would always try my best to provide compassionate care while also being efficient. If a patient has any questions or concerns, I would do everything I could to help them feel comfortable and confident about their treatment.”

Sometimes companies have policies relating to the hiring of individuals related to current company employees. If you are related to anyone working for the company make sure youre aware of company policies before you enter the interview. If you have a friend or acquaintance working for the company make sure have good relationship with this individual before mentioning them.

Multi-tasking is an important part of most jobs. You want to show that youre good at it but not overwhelmed with it. So discuss just a few things you can multi-task well on – for example: “Im good at multi tasking between work email and working on projects Regarding AHS and the reason it because Im good at prioritizing my work emails.

If the job calls for shifts that vary, be ready to do that for your work. If you arent open to that, then explain why and see if they can adjust it for you.

Here you need to give strong reasons to your interviewer to select you not others. Sell yourself to your interviewer in interview in every possible best way. You may say like I think I am really qualified for the position. I am a hard worker and a fast learner, and though I may not have all of the qualifications that you need, I know I can learn the job and do it well.”

No one likes to answer this question because it requires a very delicate balance. You simply cant lie and say you dont have one; you cant trick the interviewer by offering up a personal weakness Regarding AHS that is really a strength (“Sometimes, I work too much and dont maintain a work-life balance.”); and you shouldnt be so honest that you throw yourself under the bus (“Im not a morning person so Im working on getting to the office on time.”)

Nursing Interview Questions and Answers

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