Aig Houston Interview Question

Credit Risk Summer Analyst Interview – Risk

InterviewVery standard. Super day format with a mix of technical and behavioral questions (mostly behavorial)

Interview QuestionsWhat is the most important investment criteria when looking at public company

Rotational Analyst Interview – Real Estate

Interview SourceCollege / University / On Campus Recruiting

InterviewMultiple phone interviews, during COVID so no in person interviews. Didnt get job offer initially, then 3 months later was offered position. Declined.

Interview QuestionsWhy should we hire you?

Getting ready for an Business Analyst interview at AIG? The AIG Business Analyst interview span across 10 to 12 different question topics. In preparing for the interview:

Typically, interviews at AIG vary by role and team, but commonly Business Analyst interviews follow a fairly standardized process across these question topics.

Interview Query regularly analyzes interview experience data, and weve used that data to produce this guide, with sample interview questions and an overview of the AIG Business Analyst interview.

Be crisp. Focus on quality, not quantity. I would rather see bullet points, highlighting the top three results achieved in a position, rather than rambling prose with obvious jargon and buzzwords.

Can you give me an example of an instance where you liked a candidate, but your staff did not? What was the result?

We see this most often when we’re hiring for a new position or a role that’s not formally defined. For example, the first time we started hiring system architects, we kind of had a view of what we wanted and what the person’s skills should be, but it was still new to us. So as we were sorting through and interviewing candidates, everyone had a slightly different picture of what the job really was and what the priorities were. When people assessed the candidates, it became pretty obvious to me that they were looking for different things from the role than I or some of their peers were. That happened to be a situation where I wasn’t sure that the candidate was experienced enough to deal with that ambiguity we were laying out. The hiring manager—one of my direct reports—was convinced that with the proper support, this person could figure some of that out. As it turned out, the hiring manager was right: The candidate has in fact grown in the position and been very successful because the hiring manager had a view that matched what they thought the person could do, even though in this case, I didn’t think the candidate had some of the skills we needed. That was a success story of a situation where I didn’t like the candidate and the hiring manager did.

If somebody doesn’t get a position and they write you a thank-you note, do you ever decide to keep their résumé in the event something in the future comes up?

I have a pretty experienced IT team, so they only get me involved when there are some differing opinions about a candidate, or when we’re looking to fill a new role that may require different skills or characteristics. As far as the last interview I did for an IT position, I recall two: one for an architectural position; the other for the business analyst function.

Investment Analyst Intern Interview – Generalist

Interview SourceCollege / University / On Campus Recruiting

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

InterviewThe process consisted of a super day with 3 senior members of the Investments team. Each of them asked various questions regarding my resume, experiences, interest in investments, some technical questions (beta, alpha).

Interview QuestionsWhat has the S&P 500 been averaging for the past month and what did it close at yesterday?

[2022] Pass the AIG Interview | AIG Video Interview

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