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Investment Analyst Intern Interview – Generalist

Interview SourceCollege / University / On Campus Recruiting

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

InterviewThe process consisted of a super day with 3 senior members of the Investments team. Each of them asked various questions regarding my resume, experiences, interest in investments, some technical questions (beta, alpha).

Interview QuestionsWhat has the S&P 500 been averaging for the past month and what did it close at yesterday?

Real estate analyst Interview – Real Estate

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

InterviewApplied online. Few weeks later contacted to take modelling test. Fairly simple, with debt but no waterfall. Phone call to review modelling test a week later, followed by a written case study. Did not pass and was ghosted. Later heard there was a poor culture with subpar pay, and ok exit opps so in the end not too dissapointed.

Interview QuestionsThere were no difficult interview questions as the phone call was just to review the model and describe my background. But the case study asked to review brokerage research reports and summarize a macro view and an asset class in 1 hour which seemed too short.

The “Warm-Up” Question: “So, tell me about yourself.”

Essentially, your interviewer is looking at how well you can communicate. Are you going to talk about your hobbies and adventures or are you going to keep it professional?

How to Respond:

  • Keep your answer short, professional, AND straightforward.
  • Consider integrating your present professional experiences as a starting point. Next, reflect on your past professional experiences to provide a foundation for your skill set. Finally, talk about your professional aspirations and how you feel the company relates to your future goals.
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    aig interview questions forums

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    aig interview questions forums

    Summer Analyst, Investments Interview – Investments

    Interview SourceCollege / University / On Campus Recruiting

    Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

    InterviewThe interview process went well, the questions werent necessarily too hard but it was one of my first interviews in the industry so I didnt know much.

    Interview QuestionsWalk me through the 3 financial statements & VLookup formula on Excel

    InterviewInitial Phone Call asking standard behavioral questions. Scheduled in person interview and asked technical questions relating to statistics and data manipulation.

    Interview QuestionsWhat is the first thing you do when exploring a large dataset Describe GLM Modelling and how to carry out variable selection

    Credit Risk Summer Analyst Interview – Risk

    InterviewVery standard. Super day format with a mix of technical and behavioral questions (mostly behavorial)

    Interview QuestionsWhat is the most important investment criteria when looking at public company

    Rotational Analyst Interview – Real Estate

    Interview SourceCollege / University / On Campus Recruiting

    InterviewMultiple phone interviews, during COVID so no in person interviews. Didnt get job offer initially, then 3 months later was offered position. Declined.

    Interview QuestionsWhy should we hire you?

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    Shawn Moynihan: When you first accepted the AIG position, I imagine it had to run through your mind, “All right, then. Here’s where we’ll start.” So, where does that journey begin?

    Brian Duperreault: Well, if you can put the right talent in play, things tend to take care of themselves. It always starts with the people.

    [2022] Pass the AIG Interview | AIG Video Interview

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