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Applying to become an official cabin crew member for Air India Express might pose a challenge for you. But don’t worry, because, in this guide, we’ll detail all the steps you can follow to become a flight attendant. For this guide, we’ll outline all the steps and job details you need to know to become a cabin crew member for Air India Express.

Air India is the flag bearer of India and is an airline-owned state. Furthermore, Air India also includes its subsidiary airline, the Air India Express division. And if you’re considering applying as a flight attendant for their wholly-managed subsidiary airline, here is a detailed guide that will help you become a flight attendant for Air India Express.

Do I need to have good eyesight to apply for Air India Express?

No, you don’t need to have good eyesight to apply for Air India Express. This is as long as you pass their eye test and requirements in their medical examination. Although you’re not allowed to wear prescription glasses, you can wear contact lenses instead. Furthermore, you must submit the necessary documentation for your contact lenses upon the application process.

Am I allowed to claim relaxation to my height?

Yes, Air India Express does provide relaxation to height requirements. This is as long as you are from a Northeast or hilly state and can provide the necessary domicile proof for relaxation.

Do I need to have job experiences in hospitality or other experiences in similar job fields to apply for this airline?

No, it is not required to have job experiences in hospitality or other similar job fields. However, those who do happen to have those experiences will have a significant edge against other applicants. This is because the airline will give preference to these candidates.

Does Air India Express accept married flight attendant applicants?

According to the video above, Air India Express does not accept married flight attendant applicants or those considered trainees. Fortunately, they accept married flight attendant applicants for experienced cabin crew members.

Photos: Air India Express Cabin Crew in Uniform

Check out these pictures of Air India Express airlines flight attendants in uniform. If you wish to imagine yourself being part of this company, check out these photos to give you an idea about working for this airline:

Here are some common questions and answers about the hiring process in Air India Express airways:

How to Become a Cabin Crew for Air India Express

Here is a helpful step-by-step guide that you can follow to become a cabin crew member for Air India Express.

Step 1: First, visit the airline’s official website. Scroll down until you see the Careers section and click on it.

Step 2: You will now be taken to the Careers Page. From there, scroll down to see if there are any cabin crew recruitment notices. You may also use the website’s search bar to filter the posted messages.

Step 3: Click on the recruitment notice to access the job position’s online application form.

Step 4: Fill out the online application form accordingly and submit it once you’re done. Wait for a response from the Air India Express recruitment team to know if you will be invited for their interview and selection process.

As previously mentioned, you may also simply upload your CV to their website. This is especially helpful if you are keen on working with Air India Express yet do not see any of your desired job openings on their website. Here are the steps you need to follow to do this.

Step 1: Visit Air India Express’ official career page.

Step 2: Next, simply scroll down until you see the tab that states “Drop Your CV Here.”

Step 3: Click on the Drop CV button to submit your application.

Step 4: Fill in the necessary details for the online form and attach your CV.

Step 5: Click on the submit button to turn in your application once you’re done. You can now wait for a response from their recruitment team if you will be considered for their future openings.

Air India Express also does their correspondence for their candidates online. Therefore, successfully chosen applicants will receive details regarding their interview date online. During the interview process, candidates must bring the required documents listed above in this guide.

Eligible female candidates may wear a saree for their interview. On the other hand, eligible male candidates can wear formal attire. The interview and selection process for Air India Express comprises the following:

  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Personal Interview (PI)
  • Pre-Employment Medical Examination/Previous Employment References
  • Air India Express does not have a written exam. Once applicants make it through the following rounds above, they will now undergo the necessary training for months.

    Furthermore, applicants who will now undergo training are required to turn in a total security deposit of Rs. 1,05,000. Other than this, applicants must also submit R.s. 15,000 for their uniform and training materials for five years.

    Air India Express Interview Rounds | Cabin Crew Interview process | Air India Express

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