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This is a joint effort of many people. You can see the list of contributors here:

Some Tips on Resume/CV:

  • Describe past roles and an impact you made in a quantifiable way, be concise and I repeat, quantify the impact, rather than talking with facts that have no relevance. According to Google Recruiters, use the XYZ formula – Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z]
  • Keep it short, ideally not more than 2 pages, as you might know, an average recruiter scans your resume only for 6 seconds, and makes a decision based on that.
  • If you are a fresher and dont have experience, try to solve end-to-end use-cases and mention them in your CV, preferably with the demo link(makes it easy for the recruiter) and the link to source code on GitHub.
  • Avoid too much technical jargon, and this goes without saying, do not mention anything you are not confident about, this might become a major bottleneck during your interview.
  • Some helpful links :
  • If you want to quickly revise your math basics, follow this :
  • If you want to quick revise you Stats and ML basics, follow this :
  • This is probably the entry point of your Data Science project, SQL is one of the most important skills for any Data Scientist.

    Case studies are extremely important for interviews, below are some resources to practice, think first before looking at the solutions.

    Data science interviews certainly aren’t easy. I know this first hand. I’ve participated in over 50 individual interviews and phone screens while applying for competitive internships over the last calendar year. Through this exciting and somewhat (at times, very) painful process, I’ve accumulated a plethora of useful resources that helped me prepare for and eventually pass data science interviews. Long story short, I’ve decided to sort through all my bookmarks and notes in order to deliver a comprehensive list of data science resources. With this list by your side, you should have more than enough effective tools at your disposal next time you’re prepping for a big interview.

    I wrote a Medium post on the experience as well. You can find the post and more about my experience here:

    LeetCode (not all companies ask Leetcode questions)

  • NOTE: there are a lot of companies that do NOT ask leetcode questions. There are many paths to become an MLE, you can create your own path if you feel like leetcoding is a waste of time.
  • I use LC time tracking to keep track of how many times I solves a question and how long I spent each time. Once I finish non-trivial medium LC questions 3 times, I have absolutely no issues solving them in actual interviews (sometimes within 8-10 minutes). It makes a big difference. A better way is to use LeetPlug chrome extension here
  • Know SQL join: self join, inner, left, right etc.
  • Use hackerrank to practice SQL.
  • Revise/Learn SQL Window Functions: window functions
  • The only cheatsheet that youll ever need
  • Learn Bayesian and practice problems in Bayesian
  • Let A and B be events on the same sample space, with P (A) = 0.6 and P (B) = 0.7. Can these two events be disjoint?
  • Given that Alice has 2 kids, at least one of which is a girl, what is the probability that both kids are girls? (credit swierdo)
  • A group of 60 students is randomly split into 3 classes of equal size. All partitions are equally likely. Jack and Jill are two students belonging to that group. What is the probability that Jack and Jill will end up in the same class?
  • Given an unfair coin with the probability of heads not equal to .5. What algorithm could you use to create a list of random 1s and 0s.
  • Solving an Airbnb Data Science Coding Interview Question | SQL Interview [Fav Host Nationality]

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