Airbus Bangalore Interview Questions

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  • Q1. Normally they ask us to introduce your self View Answers (10)
  • “I define success by my ability to reach the goals that are set out for me. In 2021, I made a goal to complete my B.S in Mechanical Engineering degree and graduate with honors. I ended up achieving that goal by studying 3 hours a night, 7 days a week, and graduated at the top of my class.”

    Think about Airbus and what their culture looks like. Airbus (and aerospace in general) is known for innovation and trying out new things to be the best in class. Think about how, when you look at success, you can be the best in class and innovative. Break down examples of the success youve had in other roles and how you measured that success.

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    “I define success as the ability for one to identify a problem, work to formulate a solution, and complete the task at hand in the most efficient way. Some jobs are a lot more complicated than others, and some people may have many different responsibilities, but in the end, success is a result of hard work and struggle.”

    Four stages of Airbus recruitment process

    Regardless of the position you apply for, Airbus Recruitment Process comprises 4 main stages: Online Application ⇒ Online Tests ⇒ Assessment Center ⇒ Interviews. Preparing carefully for all 4 phases of the recruitment process is crucial since Airbus Recruitment is highly competitive. Here is a brief introduction for each stage:

    airbus bangalore interview questions

    Jobs at AIRBUS

    airbus bangalore interview questions

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  • Stage 1: Airbus online application

    The first step in Airbus Online Application is to upload a copy of your resume/CV, preferably in PDF. You are also suggested to upload a cover letter or motivation letter to show your suitability and desire for the job. Then, there will be a list of personal questions related to your educational background, work experience, and acquired skills. By that, the recruiter can pick out applicants that fulfill the basic requirements for the job. Before applying, you can look for detailed information on Airbus Careers Website to better understand the job. First, you can select your program, graduate or apprenticeship, and find available positions at Airbus using Airbus Job Search Engine. There are several drop-down lists to help you find the most suitable job: Location, Posting Date, or Job Category.

    Airbus Interview Preparation Strategies

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