Aircraft Test Technician Interview Questions

An aircraft maintenance technician(also known as an aviation maintenance technician) repairs and maintains aircraft to meet the required aviation standards. These professionals usually work on several planes, even though some may specialize in different aircraft parts.

In this article, we look at some of the common questions you should expect in an aircraft maintenance interview if your application is accepted. Keep in mind that this is a highly stressful job, meaning that you will be thoroughly assessed before being given a chance.

What Have You Done to Boost Your Knowledge of Aircraft Maintenance in The Last Twelve Months?

The aviation industry is an ever-growing field. You need to better yourself daily owing to the changing nature of information. When answering this question, make sure that you include the improvement activities that are related to the job.

Sample Answer

At the start of the year, I enrolled myself in a course essential for our current project. Here, I learned a lot more about aircraft maintenance, which saw me get nominated as the team leader. I have also attended seminars on personal development, which help me become a better person both at home and in the workplace.

I also got a mentor at the beginning of the year, which has helped me make some of the most complex decisions in my tasks. (You can mention every positive thing that you did to better your career in the last year)

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1 How Is Your Experience Replacing and Repairing Damaged Aircraft Components?

This is a general question that an interviewer may ask to either get you talking or act as a foundation for future questions. It also helps them uncover your background. You do not need to offer lots of details since these are general questions. However, make sure that your answer is convincing enough.

Sample Answer

I have exceptional experience in performing replacements and repair of aircrafts. I first interacted with such when working for a company that dealt with single-engine private planes. After the internship was done, I joined a more prominent company where I interact with aircraft components, performing diagnostics and repairs. We do most of this work using hand tools, manual testing equipment, and gauges. I have also performed the same for complex multi-engine commercial aircrafts.

1 Fuel and Oil Samples Should Always Be Harvested for Checking. How Frequently Do You Do This?

This is a general question as it does not have a specific answer. However, you need to frequently perform tests to pipe down the overall maintenance costs and ensure that the aircraft is generally safe. While answering this question, convince the interviewer that you understand all that.

Sample Answer

I usually prefer inspecting the fuel and oil before every flight to check for any contamination. This can either be done by the flight crew for private aircraft or the ground and maintenance crew for commercial aviation. Suppose I perform an inspection and note any contamination. I further perform through tests and lastly replace these two if necessary.

1 What Is Your Secret When It Comes to Maintaining, Repairing, and Rebuilding Aircraft Structures and Components?

This is yet another operational question that seeks to reveal how you go about specific processes. The interviewers want to know if you follow the proper procedures. Your answer can also help them improve their operations and earn you the job. Do not mention any shortcuts.

Sample Answers

I have established that an aircraft maintenance technician should always follow the guidelines captured in the aircraft maintenance manual throughout my career. I use a systematic process where I organize my work for high levels of efficiency. I usually prioritize work, starting with the most challenging before moving to the lesser demanding tasks. Once I am done, I allow my other team members to conduct an inspection, after which I will document all these changes in the aircraft logs.

Top 20 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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