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What to look for in a great manager

In the end, the saying is true: People don’t leave companies—they leave bosses.

So what sets a great boss apart from an average one?

In a role where there’s no cutting corners on soft skills, here are just some of the top traits that can set a great manager apart.

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aires interview questions

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, managers are crucial to every organization.Â

A great manager will take ownership over business goals, motivate employees, and lead the companys most crucial projects. Let’s just say, they have a lot on their plates.

But a good manager is also a leader. Dedicated to making their team better, happier, and more productive, strong managers cultivate a work-hard-smile-hard environment.Â

It’s not an easy job. Expectations are high, and stakes are higher.Â

Research from Gallup found that 70% of a teams engagement is influenced by its managers. The right manager can make or break your team’s work ethic. And that’s why nailing the job interview process is oh-so crucial when hiring for management positions.Â

If youre ready to make your next management hire your best yet, this list of interview questions will help you find your perfect fit. 🙌🏻

  • Why you can’t afford to botch your next management hire
  • The best interview questions for management positions
  • The art of interviewing for management roles
  • What to look for in a great manager
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    “What attracts you to the position?”

    This is an opportunity for you to show off your research on the role and company.

    Talk about the benefits the company has to offer and how they suit you at this point in your career. For example, if you are joining the company as a graduate, discuss how you plan to utilise their highly-structured training scheme.

    Also comment on the company’s reputation and try to make reference to a recent success you have seen on their website.

    1 “How do you manage time and priorities?”

    Here your potential employer wants to know that you are capable of organising yourself properly and ensuring that nothing gets forgotten.

    Do you keep a diary? Use Google Calender? Write daily to-do lists? Use wall planners to keep track of out-of-office appointments? Whatever you do, now is your opportunity to tell them!

    “What is your greatest success and achievement to date?”

    Here your interviewer wants to see that you will bring something to their company and not just fade into the background.

    Whilst this question does open the floor for you to recite how you once doubled your team’s sales figures, employers are equally interested in hearing about how you have developed and maintained a strong professional network, or how you pride yourself on your reputation for being reliable and hard working.

    Whatever you end up talking about, try to keep it short. You don’t want your ego to get in the way of you being offered the job.

    4 “Discuss your current role and your reasons for applying to the organisation.”

    Before your interview, you should have researched the company and seen a full job description. This information will be key to how you answer this question and show that you have made a considered application.

    You need to try and align the experience gained from your current role to some of the challenges or responsibilities of the role you are applying for. Keep it to a few clear bullet points where you can.

    Also think about where you are at your happiest or best. The role you are applying for may be in a new field or industry, but you may already have many of the transferable skills required.

    You then need to be able to concisely explain what you can bring to the role and demonstrate how some of the skills you have (making passing reference to some of the experience you have just mentioned) would make you a good fit for this role.

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