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Working as a substitute teacher can be very demanding, both mentally and physically. How do you plan to handle the pressure?

You shouldn’t wear pink glasses in your job interview. Ensure the interviewers that you are aware of the challenges that this job presents. It includes teaching always in a different classroom, missing a regular schedule, traveling a lot (when you substitute at different schools across the district), not having enough time to build relationship of trust with the students, and so on. Basically you have to start from scratch all over again.

You may feel tired, for sure you will on some days. You count with this. But you want to follow your teaching mission, you see the meaningful purpose of the job and understand the indispensable role substitute teachers play in education. Your inner motivation and drive will help you overcome the challenges–or at least you hope so :).

Tell me about a time when you faced a difficult challenge.

Brown says that with either of these questions, the interviewer wants to hear: “When you come across things that are obstacles, how do you overcome them?” In other words, the interviewer wants to see that you can solve problems in an intentional way. Brown also emphasizes that accomplishments and challenges often come hand in hand. So answering this question shows “that drive for achievement” that interviewers want to see in teachers.

How do you like to communicate and build relationships with parents?

Part of being a teacher is working with parents and guardians—i.e., the people who influence how your students learn and behave in the classroom just as much as (if not more than) you do. Building trust with the adults in your students’ lives can often help you build stronger relationships with the students themselves and create some consistency between school and home.

In your opinion, what is the role of a substitute teacher in a classroom?

Most substitute teachers simply try to maintain order in the classes. They tell children to play, or to do their homework, and that’s it. However, you should show a different attitude in your interview.

Say the interviewers that you will look at the lesson plans of a regular teacher, ask students what they did in the last lesson, and start from there. Maybe you aren’t an expert in the topic, but as long as you have books and goals for the lesson, you will at least try to move forward with the students. This is easier at elementary level, but you will try at any level of education.

Members of the hiring committee know that it’s not easy to lead an effective lesson in a foreign classroom. You do not know the students, or the most effective teaching methods. You may fail, but you will at least try. Your role is to try your best to continue where the regular teacher stopped. That’s the attitude they seek in a good job applicant.

How would you handle [specific subject situation/misconception]?

Depending on the subject matter and classroom you’re signing up for, this question can really vary in how it’s delivered. But “Being able to correctly show a mastery of [course] content versus just the knowledge of the content” is key, Swartz says. Do you *really* understand the material you’re teaching inside and out?

What will you do if there is a group of disruptive students in a classroom?

You should do the same thing you’d do as a regular teacher. Do not be afraid to take a disciplinary action against a disruptive student, though as a substitute teacher you may not know their background, and the reasons for their behavior, or what their reaction may be.

Say that you will warn them, repeatedly, and if it doesn’t work you will report them or send them to the Principal’s office. Regular teacher or not, you won’t let one disruptive student, a group of them, to spoil the morale in the entire classroom. Show some courage in your answer.

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