Ajax Javascript Interview Questions

3 What browsers does Html_ajax work with?

We do not have a listing proper now, however maximum of the API is solid as of zero.3.zero, all of the examples that deliver with HTML_AJAX were demonstrated to paintings with:

Internet Explorer 5.5+ (5.zero need to paintings however it hasn’t been examined)

Most matters paintings with:

Opera eight.5+ of zero.3.zero. There need to be no foremost modifications at this factor, even though there may be masses of latest additions.

What exactly is the W3c Dom?

The W3C Document Object Model (DOM) is described through the W3C because the following: The Document Object Model is a platform- and language-impartial interface.

Did adaptive path invent Ajax? Did adaptive path help build Google’s Ajax Applications?

If you haven’t selected a framework, but it’s encouraged, don’t forget to use JavaServer Faces or a JavaServer Faces-primarily based framework. JavaServer Faces additives may be created and used to summarise most of the information of producing JavaScript, AJAX interactions and therefore allow easy AJAX utilized by JSF utility builders plug-ins in JSF well suited IDE’s, inclusive of Sun Java Studio Creator.

Neither Adaptive Path nor Google invented Ajax. Google’s current merchandise is the highest-profile example of Ajax programs. Adaptive Path changed into now no longer worried withinside the improvement of Google’s Ajax programs. However, we were doing Ajax paintings for a number of our different customers.

1 Is it possible to set session variables from Javascript?

No, It’s now no longer viable to set any consultation variables without delay from javascript as it’s merely a consumer-aspect generation. You can use AJAX even though it is asynchronous.

Update Panel is used to add functionality to the existing ASP.NET applications. By using partial page rendering, it can be used to update the content. Refresh can be made for the partial page instead of whole page.

This technique is used to make internet faster and user friendly. It is not a programming language.

JSUnit is the client side javascript code used as part of JUnit. JSUnit has been used for Ajax code.

# is treated as fragment delimiter to delimit the history state and && precedes is used to check on the information in the query string.

Proxied calls are made through stub objects which can be called from PHP classes on the JavaScript side in AJAX.

2 How to cancel the current request in Ajax?

Current request in AJAX is cancelled when the user performs an action which sets off an Ajax request. This can be depicted with the help of auto-complete functionality for a search box where users can be helped with related search terms based on their current input, by making an AJAX request each time they pass a key in the search field. The user types faster than the Ajax request and you would want to abort any non-finished requests, before starting the next one.

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What is Ajax?

Ajax isn’t a generation. It’s numerous technologies, every flourishing in its personal proper, coming collectively in effective new ways. Ajax incorporates:

  • Requirements-primarily based totally presentation the use of XHTML and CSS;
  • Asynchronous records retrieval the use of XMLHttpRequest;
  • JavaScript binding the whole lot collectively.
  • Dynamic show and interplay the use of the Document Object Model;
  • Records interchange and manipulation the use of XML and XSLT;
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a newly coined time period for 2 effective browser functions which have been around for years however had been unnoticed through many net builders till currently whilst programs inclusive of Gmail, Google Suggest, and Google Maps hit the streets. Check out the free ajax course.

    AJAX Interview Questions and Answers

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