Akamai Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

Security Architect II Interview Questions

  • Q1. It was basic technical discussion. like OWASP top 10 TCP, UDP, SSL handshake, some common services. Add Answer
  • Q1. advanced technical discussion. advanced web security vulnerabilities, network security concept. Add Answer
  • Q1. more focus about abilities and your career Add Answer
  • Akamai Technologies Interview Rounds and Process

    The coding round had 2 coding+ 1 SQL + 8 mcqs bon OS and networking. I was able to solve all.

  • Q1. Find unique and duplicate elements in an array. Add Answer
  • Q2. Implementation of all linked list operations from scratch and reverse it. Add Answer
  • Q3. File handling question. Add Answer
  • Q4. SQL question to find third highest salary. Add Answer
  • Q1. Was asked about academics. Add Answer
  • Q2. Types of inter process communication. Add Answer
  • Q3. Linux based questions Add Answer
  • Q4. System design question to design an app like Twitter by drawing block diagram. Add Answer
  • Q1. Describe yourself apart from resume. Add Answer
  • Q2. Tell me about weakness. Add Answer
  • Q3. If u are placed urself in a company how would you introduce yourself to the team. Add Answer
  • Q4. Was asked about where I live. It was just a 5 mins round. Add Answer
  • Hover over to see average compensation details. This data was sourced from submissions at levels.fyi. Software Engineer II API Development (Back-End) 92k – Base 8k – Stock 9k – Bonus N. A. API Development (Back-End) 158k – Base 20k – Stock 22k – Bonus Software Engineer II Full Stack 115k – Base 5k – Stock 12k – Bonus L3 Distributed Systems (Back-End) 50k – Base 8k – Stock 5k – Bonus L3 Full Stack 28k – Base 3k – Stock 4k – Bonus

    Top skills recommended for Akamai Technologies Software Engineer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

  • Q1. Design data structure for Excel sheet Add Answer
  • Q2. Implement monitors in OS Add Answer
  • Q3. Real time egs for oops concepts ( this is very frequent question that is asked) Add Answer
  • Q4. One query using self join ­ (ename,mid) display all employee names with their manager names Add Answer
  • Q5. How to delete nth node in linked list Add Answer
  • Q6. Suppose in an abstract class a function called x(), AND there is another function with the same name in its derived class.Now create pointer for the abstracread more Add Answer
  • Q7. PUZZLE : one circle (radius r) is drawn.You are throwing a stone in it than what is the probability that stone lies near the center? Add Answer
  • Top skills recommended for Akamai Technologies Senior Manager interview Insights by AmbitionBox

    Akamai Technologies interview questions for popular designations

    Typically, interviews at Akamai vary by role and team, but commonly Software Engineer interviews follow a fairly standardized process across these question topics.

    Getting ready for an Software Engineer interview at Akamai? The Akamai Software Engineer interview span across 10 to 12 different question topics. In preparing for the interview:

    Interview Query regularly analyzes interview experience data, and weve used that data to produce this guide, with sample interview questions and an overview of the Akamai Software Engineer interview.

    Approach: Convert string to numeric code from the array provided take _(space) as 1 in the keypad and then try to find possible strings using DP

    Be calm & answer politely. Out of 7 for the role of Software Engineer(Web security) 2 members were selected I was fortunate to be one of them

    Round 1: It was a 1hr test conducted on hackerrank platform The first round comprised of 10 questions with 2 coding questions and 8 aptitude questions

    Akamai Technologies Interview Questions and Answers 2019 Part-1 | Akamai Technologies

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