Akuna Capital Swe Intern Interview Questions

AKUNA CAPITAL Software Engineer Interview Questions

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AKUNA CAPITAL Software Engineer Interview Process

Typically, interviews at AKUNA CAPITAL vary by role and team, but commonly Software Engineer interviews follow a fairly standardized process across these question topics.

Weve gathered this data from parsing thousands of interview experiences sourced from members.

quantative research intern Interview – Equity Capital Markets

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

InterviewOA, then Phone. OA is some questions about statistics and probability and stochastic process. You need to show yourself in the camera. Phone is a leetcode problem.

Interview SourceCollege / University / On Campus Recruiting

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

InterviewAfter submitting application, received a coding OA consisting of three algorithm questions. After finishing the OA, received a math test on easyhire. Failed the test.

Interview Questionsmath questions about convergence of improper integral

Trader Interview – Sales and Trading

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

ApplicationPhone Interview1 on 1 InterviewSkills TestPersonality Test

InterviewApplied online, and was given two phone rounds which were easy, followed by a 3 hour zoom call that was somewhat difficult.

Interview QuestionsGiven three dice, make a market on the sum of the three that has a positive EV.

Quantitative Researcher Interview – Quantitative Research

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

InterviewYou get sent a hacker rank assessment after screening. After passing the hacker rank assessment you are required to do a video interview. Video interview was recorded and contained 5 technical questions. I did not progress pass the video interview.

Interview QuestionsI found a question in the interview asking you to evaluate which of the 4 mathematical statements to be false the most difficult. The statements were expressed as an inequality and had to do with various expectations of random variables.

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

InterviewThe test has at least three rounds, a math test, a personality test and an online one-way video interview. The math test is mainly about mental arithmetic and finding rules. It is not too complicated. I only completed about 40 and passed. There is nothing special about the personality test. The single-item video interview is the hardest. It seems that there will be a probability question and you will be asked to give an oral explanation when you solve it within a time limit.

Interview QuestionsVidcruiter Round may be the most difficult, I heard that most applicants failed in this round.

Quant researcher Interview – Investment Banking

InterviewIt was a good experience the first round was a challenging set of probability questions and the second round was a video interview

Interview Questionswhat is the expected value of a dice roll option

Trading Intern Interview – Quantitative Research

ApplicationPhone Interview1 on 1 InterviewSkills TestPersonality Test

InterviewFirst youre given a mental math test and a number and letter sequence test. The mental math is 80 problems in 8 minutes and the sequences is 30 sequences in16 minutes. I got 25 sequences and 75 math problems. Then I was passed onto the personality test, after that theres a one-sided interview and then a super day.

Interview QuestionsGamblers ruin problem. A lot of betting games which can be solved using Kelly criterion

Quantitative Trader Interview – Prop Trading

Interview SourceCollege / University / On Campus Recruiting

Length of ProcessLess than 1 month

ApplicationPhone InterviewIQ / Intelligence TestPersonality Test

InterviewFast forwarded to final round because I got there last year. Didnt have to retake the math test or the personality test.

Interview QuestionsYou have an nxn matrix, where the diagonal is all n, and the off-diagonals are all 1. Find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

Akuna Capital Interview Experience | Graduate Trader

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