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Sorry cant help you with questions but do most states do interviews? I just kind of signed up and they said I was in because I’m the only one in the last 7 years at my school to want to do it… Should I be expecting an interview?! I hope not…!

They asked if I could hold any office, what would it be?, What patriotism/ veo g an american means to me (or something like that), future plans for career/ college maybe about some of your extracurriculars on the app. You aslo have to be able to pledge to the flag, and they’ll ask if you can. Just relax, and try to connect to the interviewer, they really are nice people who love to see passionate teens.

Since 1947, more than 7,000 politically astute young women have attended ALA Girls Nation in Washington D.C., gleaning a firsthand glimpse of the inner workings of federal government and a chance to experience civics and American government outside the textbook. Every year, two girls are selected from each ALA Girls State program to attend ALA Girls Nation, an additional weeklong learning experience in federal governance, leadership development and American heritage. As Girls Nation “senators” they campaign for political office, craft and debate the passage of legislation and meet with their real-life counterparts on Capitol Hill.

The selection process for ALA Evergreen Girls State’s Girls Nation representatives occurs during the program week. The two girls selected are “U.S. Senators” who are elected as part of the election process that takes place during the week of Evergreen Girls State. Students who are interested in running for this position should review the ALA Girls Nation program information and ensure they are available for the dates of the program. The dates for the 2023 ALA Girls Nation session are July 22 – 29, 2023. They will be required to write a piece of legislation and submit it prior to attending ALA Girls Nation. Also, the U.S. Senators are often asked to return to Evergreen Girls State the following year to share a little about their experience at ALA Girls Nation and their legislation they presented while they were there.

If you left on unfriendly terms with your previous employer, your gut reaction might to be to pick apart every single thing that was wrong with them. Do not, at any time for any reason, do this. Unless you were laid off, focus on your inspired need to find new opportunities. You might want to focus on a different kind of work, or perhaps there wasnt any room to grow at your old company. Whatever the reason, the best answers to this question will focus on personal and professional growth.

Dont just answer this question by saying, “because Im awesome,” or a wordy, detailed version thereof. This is an opportunity to talk about what makes you the right candidate for the position. This requires knowing what the employer is looking for, and then matching your skills and experience to it.

No two interviews are ever the same. Every hiring manager will ask different questions and conduct the interview in different ways. But, some questions are nearly ubiquitous to the interview process. To help prepare, Alison Doyle has compiled a list of the 10 most common interview questions which weve collected for you below. All servicemembers know the importance of planning, and job interviews are no different – know the questions, practice your answers, and youll be more likely to succeed.

Arguably, this is the broadest possible question an interviewer can ask, so its important to be prepared. If youre not good at coming up with answers on the fly, then you may begin to ramble and trail off into personal anecdotes. Answer this question by talking about your professional self: what you can do, and what youve accomplished. This is an opportunity to create a well-defined snapshot that will give the employer a good impression.

This question hones in on your ambition: an interviewer who asks this wants to know what youre attempting to achieve. Discuss your plans for the future so that your personal ambition benefits the company.

ALA Girls State/Nation – Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience | American Legion Auxiliary

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