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Tara Mulrooney, CTO of Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), knew that in order to flourish in IT for an energy regulator covering the Canadian province of Alberta she had to understand the business side better. The friction — and lack of understanding — between business and IT is real. According to the 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology™ Index, IT decision-makers are feeling the pinch of a few roadblocks working with business, including the following.

Feeding Data Architecture with Sensors, Drone Data

CMSWire: What technologies are you looking to learn more about/potentially infuse into the digital workplace in your new role?

Mulrooney: At AER, we leverage a low-code case management platform to automate and manage our regulatory processes. This platform is called OneStop, and AER uses this tool for receiving project applications from pipeline operators, sharing reports and making decisions. I am interested in how this might be used to support internal process improvement and the AER’s automation needs. I am also hoping to expand our data architecture to include feeds from various sensors and drone data that could help our technical experts.

CMSWire: Do you see artificial intelligence (AI) being implemented into your digital workplace, and, if yes, how so? If it already is, how is it working?

Mulrooney: Our data scientists use various models and tools to predict events in the field, such as the model they developed to predict pipeline leaks. Today this work is done using a variety of tools, but I am hoping that some of these findings can be integrated into the OneStop decision processes.

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How you use the STARS method

  • Situation—Describe the situation and the problem you faced.
  • Task—Explain what you needed to do, why you needed to do it, and the challenges involved.
  • Action—Describe the actions you took.
  • Results—Explain what happened as a result of your efforts.
  • Skills—Highlight the skills you used in this example.
  • The STARS method is ideal for hypothetical and behavioural interview questions that start with:

  • What if… “What if a customer started yelling at you?”
  • What would you do if/when… “What would you do if you saw a co-worker doing something unsafe?”
  • Describe a… “Describe a time when a teacher or manager did something you didn’t like.”
  • Tell us about a time when… “Tell us about a time when someone criticized your work or your ideas.”
  • Have you ever… “Have you ever had a problem working with someone?”
  • Outline how you would handle… “Outline how you would handle a scheduling problem.”
  • Give us an example of how… “Give us an example of how you dealt with a challenging problem.”
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