Alcatel Interview Questions Answers

Vedang Cellular Services Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. Technical what about DTE engineer Add Answer
  • Q2. Optimization kaise karte hai Add Answer
  • Q3. Rsrp,SINR,RSRQ kya hai Add Answer
  • Q4. DL throughput kaise increase karte hai Add Answer
  • Q5. SINR poor hai to kaise thik karte hai Add Answer
  • alcatel interview questions answers

    BT Group Interview Rounds and Process

    2 round of 1 hrs each online Assessment one for Finance Management and another for accounting knowledge Assessment.

  • Q1. 1. What did you understand from the job description ? 2. Please take us through your current profile. (And some questions to understand in depth my achievemread more Add Answer
  • Q1. This round was my final round lasted 30 min. Question were generally from my CV and feedback received from last round. One question was there how you will aread more Add Answer
  • alcatel interview questions answers

  • Q1. What are locators present in Selenium? Add Answer
  • Q2. What is reletive Xpath? Add Answer
  • Q3. To find a one element Xpath in Add Answer
  • Q4. Chrome capabilities of selenium automation Add Answer
  • alcatel interview questions answers

  • Q1. Explain OSI model in brief ? Add Answer
  • Q2. Explain OSI model devices on each layer ? Add Answer
  • Q3. What is TCP/IP Model ? Add Answer
  • Q1. What is the role of routers ? Add Answer
  • Q2. What is the role of switches ? Add Answer
  • Technical Specialist (Data Warehousing) Interview Questions

  • Q1. Behavioral – How would you handle a scenario where client expectations havent been met at the end of development period? Give an example if you have faced read more Add Answer
  • Q2. Behavioral – How would you handle a scenario where a change in process has significantly impacted your team workings? Give an example if you have faced it. Add Answer
  • Q3. Behavioral – How would you handle a scenario where a lot of interactions have to be done with different teams/stakeholders to complete the work? Give an exaread more Add Answer
  • Q4. Cloud Computing – Why do you think Cloud is a better choice than on-premise datacenters Add Answer
  • Q5. SQL – Tell me your experience with performance optimization in SQL Add Answer
  • Q6. Questions from my past projects regarding the architecture of datawarehouses we had. Add Answer
  • alcatel interview questions answers

    4interviewsfound Sort by:

  • Q1. Introduce yourself Add Answer
  • Q2. OSI network model and protocols on Layer 2 and Layer 3 Add Answer
  • Q3. Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices (hardware used) Add Answer
  • Q4. In detailed working of Routers(with practical example).Its difference with a switch Add Answer
  • Q5. Practical example on difference between OSI and TCP/IP network model Add Answer
  • Q6. Program on string reversal (any language) Add Answer
  • Alcatel-Lucent interview questions for popular designations

  • Q1. They asked me to frame a code in java language for which they have given code in seperate IDE in video call Add Answer
  • alcatel interview questions answers

    Q10. Would you like doing repetitive work?SOL: Why not, I am not only doing a repetitive work but also earning but also getting the great BUGS.

    Q16. Tell us something about your current job responsibilities?SOL: As I am a fresher just passed out my graduation so still I don’t have any work experience of the job but I will really a better option for this job .

    Q18. Tell us about some of the challenges you have faced in your professional life.SOL: Completing the target assigned in time maintaining the quality and balancing it with my personal life is the biggest challenge for me till now.

    Q29. Tell us something about Ethernet.SOL: Ethernet is a kind of network to connect different computer systems. It is mostly used in companies to conduct their private and confidential business.

    Q14. What are the layers of OSI model? State one or two protocols for each layer?SOL: There are seven layers in OSI Model namely; Physical Layer(PDH, DSL); Data Link Layer( ATM, L2TP); Network Layer(ICMP, IGMP); Transport Layer(TCP,UDP); Session Layer(SAP, PPTP); Presentation Layer(MIMI, XDR); Application Layer(SMTP, SMPP).

    Alcatel Lucent 4A0 101 Exam Free Practice Questions Part 1

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