Alcea Technologies Interview Questions

Replace your tracking spreadsheet and disparate systems with this all-in-one web solution.

An extremely flexible software solution that is configured to your workflow. ATS promotes team collaboration, accountability and increases productivity.

Ease of Use

Start using ATS with just a few hours of training. There is no need for users to work with complicated formulas, and no need for IT/technical resources.

Dynamic Workflow

By structuring and automating related information, ATS supports faster, consistent processes and smarter, more agile decision-making when it counts.

Time-Saving Efficiency

ATS streamlines data input and updates, saving time and builds in accountability among team members.

Reports, Notifications and Alerts

ATS includes a full suite of standard and user-defined custom reports, plus tools to automate routine notifications and alerts.

The Risk Register for a Complete Picture

Using your high-level specific requirements, we configure a customized Proof-of-Concept system at no obligation to you.

A powerful web-based platform for managing risks & issues

Reports, Notifications and Alerts

Alcea Tracking Solutions includes a full suite of standard and user-defined custom reports, plus tools to automate routine notifications and alerts.

Selective Access and Security

Set up differential access to defined areas so the right people see only what they need. Full data encryption protects sensitive material from intrusion.

Customer Support

Our team offers a wide range of services and support tools to enable flexible solutions and prompt technical support to our valued customers.

2 What are some of the properties of transitions in CSS3?

Transitions in CSS3 are easy to use, and they provide users with rapid and efficient animation effects.

The four main properties present in the transitions are:

1 What is Responsive Web Design (RWD) in HTML and CSS?

Responsive Web Design is a concept that is used to create web pages that can scale across multiple resolutions without any loss of information or screen tearing.

It automatically adjusts the structure of the web page based on the device it is viewed on to provide optimal viewing experience.

3 What is the difference between cookies and local storage?

Cookies Local Storage
Cookie data is accessible for both the client and the server Data is stored only on the local browser in the client-side machine
Cookies have an expiry time, and data gets deleted post expiration There is no expiry in local storage unless the data is manually deleted

In the next set of interview questions for web developers, we have a very important question regarding HTML and XHTML.

3 What is the meaning of the scope of a variable in JavaScript?

Scope refers to the accessibility of functions and underlying variables in the running environment. There are two scopes supported in JavaScript:

  • Local scope: Here, values and functions declared inside the same function can only be accessed within that function and not outside it. Consider the following example:
  • Global scope: If a variable is declared as global, it can be accessed from anywhere in the application. Consider the following example:
  • What is the use of CORS?

    CORS stands for Cross-origin Resource Sharing. It is a mechanism that allows a variety of resources to be requested at a time from a domain that is outside the current request domain.

    The next web application interview question comprises an important difference. Check it out below.

    What are the newly introduced input types in HTML5?

    HTML5 has had multiple revamps in the past years, and the addition of input types has made it very easy to work with. Some of these input types are as follows:

  • color
  • date
  • Datetime-local
  • email
  • month
  • number range
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