Aldi Area Manager Video Interview Questions Australia

Final Interview

The final interview is the last stage of the Aldi interview system and will last around thirty minutes. The regional managing director will conduct this interview. If Aldi employs a candidate in the area manager role they will be closely working with the regional managing director therefore it is of paramount importance that the candidate makes a good impression in the Aldi video interview questions.

Industrial Placement Scheme

This scheme is mostly for undergraduate students and Aldi mentions clearly they want people to be brave, curious, and passionate before they appear for the Aldi online interview questions. There are certain posts in the industrial placement scheme and they are:

  • General Management Placement– In this post, the candidate will move between retail stores and head office teams where they learn about different areas of business.
  • Ecommerce Placement– the Aldi Hiring process wants you to be acquainted with the business that is being conducted in the digital world.
  • Corporate Buying Placement– This placement is in Aldi’s main office and as a candidate who has successfully passed the Aldi video interview questions the person will gain experience in PR, marketing, and advertising.
  • IT placement- Candidates who get through the Aldi online interview questions with an interest in the field of IT will be placed in high-performing and yet small teams. They do not necessarily require a degree in this field.
  • Application Eligibility:

    In order to qualify for our Graduate Program you:

  • Must be in your final year of study or have recently completed a Bachelor or Masters degree in any discipline (in the last 2 years).
  • Must be able to participate in all stages of the selection process and be able to commence the program at full time capacity from February 2022.
  • Have the right to work in Australia at the time of application.
  • Are flexible to relocate throughout the state.
  • Must be willing to undertake a background check and medical clearance.
  • Possess a strong academic record and a passion for retail.
  • Have demonstrated prior leadership and/or retail work experience is desirable.
  • How do you feel about working on weekends, or doing 12 hour long shifts?

    This is one of the drawbacks of working in any supermarket–they are almost always open, and someone has to be there. On some weekends it will be your colleagues, and on some it will be you.

    And this is exactly the attitude you want to show in an interview–that you are ready to sacrifice one or two weekends each month, staying in work, so your colleagues can enjoy some quality time with their family or friends. Certainly on other weekends they will pay you back the favor.

    Talking about long shifts (10, 12, or even 14 hours), you should ensure the hiring managers that you can remain focused during a long shift, and count with doing long shifts in the job. You read the job description carefully and know what will be expected from you.

    aldi area manager video interview questions australia

    What does an excellent customer service mean to you?

    For almost every retailer excellent customer service is a top priority, and Aldi is no exception. You can define such a service in various ways. For example, you can say that when a customer feels welcome, respected and attended to, from the moment they enter the supermarket until they leave, we can certainly say that they had a great customer experience.

    But you can talk also about other things, such as logical organization of the store and displaying of merchandise (so they can find whatever they need), services they can use (luggage lockers, toilets, information desk, ATM), and similar things.

    More than anything else, you should ensure your interviewers that whatever Aldi recognizes as an excellent customer service, you are ready and eager to deliver it, to and each and every customer–once you understand it during the training.

    Special Tip: We have a also a separate article, where you can find 7 sample answers to “What is your definition of an outstanding customer service” question. Check it out if you are not sure about your answer.

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