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The Aldi graduate scheme is a business administration focused program that offers many benefits, and the chance to gain valuable managerial experience. To ensure that they choose the right candidates, Aldi has a number of tests in place that measure your cognitive abilities as well as your work style and personality.

On this page we will review all the essential information regarding the tests you will need to take to enter the Aldi grad scheme, such as the Saville assessment and the Aldi smart styles test. To maximize your chances of passing the tests, we highly recommend using our Aldi PrepPack which includes:

When to Apply for the Graduate Scheme

Unlike some other graduate schemes, Aldi recruits for the Area Manager Programme all year round. However, spaces are limited and tend to be filled very quickly, particularly in autumn when a new academic year starts.

Depending on the region to which you’re applying and demand for those positions, application windows for the programme will open and close at different times.

If you apply to the Aldi graduate scheme and you’re not successful, you must wait 12 months before applying again.

For these reasons, we recommend you practise each stage of the application process thoroughly, keep an eye on the Aldi website and apply for the scheme early – so you’re in with the best possible chance of securing a place on the programme.

Final Interview

The final interview is the last stage of the Aldi interview system and will last around thirty minutes. The regional managing director will conduct this interview. If Aldi employs a candidate in the area manager role they will be closely working with the regional managing director therefore it is of paramount importance that the candidate makes a good impression in the Aldi video interview questions.

How would you deal with a difficult (angry, simple, hostile, uncooperative) customer?

You can start by ensuring the interviewers that you are well aware of the fact that all kinds of people do their shopping at Aldi, and that not all customers will be nice to you, or to other staff members.

You will try your best to remain courteous in any circumstances, and won’t get into arguments with the customers. If you want, you can also elaborate on different types of customers from the question:

  • Trying to understand the reason of their anger, you will try to pacify the customer with your kindness and with your effort to solve their complaint.
  • You will have all the patience in the world with a simple person, explaining them the same thing over and over, until they finally have the answers to their questions.
  • Reporting the hostile customer to a nearest security guard you will protect other customers and colleagues from their aggressive behavior.
  • And with an uncooperative customer you will courteously try to understand the reason why they do not want to cooperate, and will address the situation accordingly.
  • Special tip: You can download all questions for Aldi interviews in a simple, one page long PDF, and practice your interview answers anytime later:

    What are Aldi Video Interview questions that are asked?

    The following are the Aldi video interview questions that interviewers ask:

  • Why do you want to work for the company?

  • Candidates can either say something like Aldi is a great brand that operates on customer-centric approaches and how you would be proud to represent them. Apart from that, you can also state your interest in retail and that Aldi would be a nice place to begin and grow.

  • What is your greatest weakness?

  • Try to answer such Aldi online interview questions honestly. Assessors hate when people try to underplay their weaknesses. Do not say things like you take your work seriously and do not have time for yourself. Instead, talk about a trait that your job requires you to possess. Bring out how you are struggling currently in mastering that. Finish your statement by talking about how you are trying to remedy your situation.

  • What is your greatest strength?

  • Try to find out what skill the job requires you to be proficient in. From the collection of skills take your pick. Talk about a skill that you are most proficient in. With the help of illustrations talk about how you demonstrated those skills in real life.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • If you have a career goal, this would be the perfect opportunity to disclose them to the interviewer. This shows your ambition. Also if you are eyeing a particular post in the Aldi framework talk about that so that the interviewer sees your commitment to the brand.

  • Did you ever have a conflict with your boss?

  • Answer such Aldi video interview questions section honestly. It is okay to have a disagreement with your superior as long as you brought about a resolution between the two of you. Talk about how you plan to avoid deadlocks in the future.

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